Newsgroups Offers Free USENET Access Newsgroups is giving back to the community and offering University faculty and staff, media and website owner’s free access to USENET.

Students, teachers, faculty and/or members of the media are now able to apply for eligibility to free USENET access provided by Newsgroups. Webmasters and Bloggers are also welcome to apply.

In an effort to demonstrate the resources that USENET newsgroups provide and by growing the online community, Newsgroups has experienced an overwhelmingly positive response since the program inception.

The program, which launched more than a year ago, offers unrestricted access to USENET newsgroups to those who qualify. Benefits include all of the features our members receive which include blazing fast access to over 107,000 newsgroups.

Assisting those that would normally not have access to USENET, the program is being extended and enrollment is open to those interested. In order to apply, visit either our Free USENET  for School page for those involved with a school or our Free USENET Access for Media page for all media and online related individuals.

Committed to excellence, Newsgroups is proud to be able to give back to the community and offer access to the valuable resources USENET provides.

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