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Newsdemon Discounts Usenet for Time Warner, Verizon, Sprint

By WebMaster June 22nd, 2008

Newsdemon welcomes the Time Warner, Spring, and Verizon Usenet refugees with open arms!  We will give a lifetime 15% discount to all incoming Time Warner, Sprint, and Verizon customers.  Simply input the couponcode twarner15 in the ‘coupon code’ box on our join page and you will receive a lifetime 15% discount off all our regularly priced monthly accounts.

  1. […] has compiled a list of independent providers that are currently running specials for ISP refugees. NewsDemon (rated 4/5 stars on Slyck) is currently offering 15% off for all ex Verizon, Sprint and Road Runner […]

  2. […] NewsDemon is also offering discounted services to Verizon, Road Runner and Sprint customers. Refugees from those ISPs can sign up for a 15% lifetime discount. […]

  3. How about the 15% discount for current members?

    I’m a Verizon refugee!


  4. Comment by — Paul — July 2, 2008
  5. Gee your sites about
    NewsDemon» Blog Archive
    » Newsdemon Discounts Usenet for Time Warner, Verizon, Sprint is hmm how can i say, different from the others. Keep adding i will be back

  6. Comment by — Malika21 — August 23, 2008