Newsgroups Game Giveaway Contest 2

gaming newsgroups giveaway contest NewsDemon Usenet 2024 Access Newsgroups is doing it again! For the month of February, we’re running a contest to win a FREE GAME for either the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii!

Just like last month, the contest will allow you the opportunity to win one of four free games of your choosing for any of the supported gaming platforms. No purchase is necessary to enter! Just fill out our Newsgroups Ultimate Giveaway form and you’re automatically entered.

Although we will only accept one entry per day, you can come back each day to enter again to increase your chances of winning! No purchase necessary to enter.

For our selection process, we scoured through the vast amount of gaming newsgroups and picked out the most popular games on USENET for each system to giveaway.

Choose one of the following games for each platform that you want to win:

dead space 2 ps3 newsgroup NewsDemon Usenet 2024 AccessPS3 – Dead Space 2 – A favorite on Playstation 3 Newsgroups,  In Dead Space 2, Isaac brings the terror to space. Players will take on bigger, scarier and more epic battles that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Delivering a sensory overload of sound, visuals and action sequences, Dead Space 2 will bring the psychological thrills of deep space to a terrifying new level.

dc universe pc newsgroup NewsDemon Usenet 2024 AccessPC – DC Universe Online – A massively-multiplayer experience bringing together a host of PC Gaming Newsgroup enthusiasts, DC Universe Online brings high-energy action to the forefront with a combat system designed to deliver a fast-paced action experience with the extraordinary powers of your personally created heroes and villains at your disposal. Battle with or against their favorite DC Super Heroes and Villains including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Joker. For the very first time, players and fans will be able to enter this fabled world as an active force for good or evil.

call duty black ops xbox 360 newsgroup NewsDemon Usenet 2024 AccessXbox 360 –  Call of Duty: Black Ops – Hear the call of duty once again with this seventh entry in this blockbuster first-person shooter franchise that’s been top rated by Xbox 360 newsgroup subscribers. Call of Duty: Black Ops takes you deep behind enemy lines into the world of deniable operations as a member of an elite special forces unit engaging in covert warfare, classified operations, and explosive conflicts across the globe. With access to a variety of exclusive weaponry and equipment, your actions will tip the balance during the most dangerous time period mankind has ever known.

donkey kong returns wii newsgroup NewsDemon Usenet 2024 AccessWii – Donkey Kong Country Returns – Highly rated and discussed on Nintendo Wii Newsgroups, Retro Studios brings Donkey Kong back a side-scrolling adventure with familiar characters and amazing levels that reignite the passion players had for the Super NES original. And For the first time ever, the franchise features the ability for two people to play together at the same time – one as Donkey Kong, one as Diddy Kong. Players can navigate the levels separately or as one unit. Diddy Kong can ride on Donkey Kong’s back and hop off whenever he pleases, allowing novice players to ride on Donkey Kong’s back through more challenging areas of the game.

The contest begins on February 1st and runs through the end of the month by February 28th at 11:59PM. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on or about March 1st.

Don’t delay! Enter today once, and come back each day to enter again.


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