NewsDemon Now Offers Cosmos IP Addresses With SlickVPN

In a constant effort to improve the services of Newsgroups, we are proud to announce that we are now offering customers who use our VPN service provided by SlickVPN additional servers that span a great portion of the Universe. Newsgroups has been offering its customers VPN service through SlickVPN for some time now. With the added SlickVPN service, customers have been receiving premium VPN service that enables them to surf online securely wherever they go and browse otherwise filtered content by using one of our dedicated IP addresses with over 50 locations worldwide to choose from. With this added service, users are able to surf anonymously by having the ability to change their IP address to almost any continent in the world. At Newsgroups, we understand that may be limiting to some customers. Therefore, we are now offering  IP addresses that span the cosmos.

With the new additional VPN servers, customers can now change their IP address to other planets including those in Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or even the now-not-considered-a-planet, Pluto. Additionally, SlickVPN will also be expanding its selection of VPN servers to include those outside of the solar system and galaxy. Exclusive to Newsgroup customers, customers can now select servers located in the Dagobah system, the Borg Prime in the Delta Quadrant and even the recently liberated planet of Requiem. Newsgroups has been working diligently with its SlickVPN partner to provide these added benefits due to the popular demand from our earth-based and alien customers. With the inclusion of these newly created servers, Newsgroups hopes to expand further into the great beyond, where no man has gone before, to offer further locations to use the VPN service.

Stay tuned for other benefits stemming from these locations as Newsgroups is preparing to offer additional USENET servers from these exotic planets and galaxies in the foreseeable future.

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