NewsDemon Offers Header Compression On All Newsgroups Newsgroups now allows header compression on all supported newsgroups and for all news servers, providing a faster USENET newsgroup experience.


A header for USENET articles provides the information of the subject, from and to lines of any given article. When browsing through a newsgroup through your client, the newsreader will load all of the headers for the articles in the newsgroup. Usually, this process takes some time as the majority of the process is downloading a lot of duplicate data.


With header compression enabled on supported newsreaders, the headers are compressed. This allows you to view only the unique data available on any newsgroup. This is especially helpful with the majority of newsreaders that download the full list of headers each time a newsgroup is accessed.


The new header compression will now allow users to download headers up a 100 times faster than downloading without this feature. Less data is downloaded and allows downloads to finish almost 15 times faster.


This option is fully available on all supported servers and over 107,000 newsgroups that Newsgroups support. In order to enable this option, configure your newsreader to enable header compression:

NewsLeecher – Automatically turned on. Check to make sure by going to:
Settings ->   Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> Article Download Allow XFEAT Compression

NewsBin  – Automatically turned on. Check the settings by going to Utilities->Servers. Make sure “Disable XFeatures” is NOT checked.

News Rover – Automatically turned on.

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