Newsgroups Reaches 300 Day Binary Retention; On Road To 400 Newsgroups is proud to announce today its efforts to increase to 400 days of binary retention is drawing closer as it hits the 300 day mark today.

We had announced earlier on how we had been moving towards to a full 400 days of binary retention back in March. While reaching this milestone, our daily increase of binary retention has reached the 300 day mark and will continue to increase by one day each day after.

The amount of days that messages and articles can be accessed on a Usenet newsgroup translates to binary retention. The longer amount of days, the longer the history of articles are available.

Text retention is not affected by this upgrade and currently remains well over three years. The increase to a full 300 days of binary retention is automatically available for both US and EU customers of Newsgroups as it continues to build to our 400 day goal.

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