The NewsDemon Blog Usenet Trivia Contest June 26th, 2008

By Newsgroup Usenet June 26th, 2008

Here is today’s usenet trivia question:  What image format was developed due to the extensive Usenet collaboration?

The FIRST person to reply to the following email address with the correct answer PLUS their Name, City, State, and Country will be declared the winner.  The winner will receive a free month of Usenet Access!  Only the FIRST CORRECT email we receive at [email protected] with the user’s real information will be considered.  We will announce the winner within 24 hours of posting the Trivia Question.  If you submit an answer and do not hear back from us, then you are not the winner.  We will post the winners first name, last initial, city, and country on the blog after we have emailed the winner.  If you are not the winner, check back tomorrow, we may post another Usenet Trivia question tomorrow!

  1. Dave T. of Manchester, England correctly answered that it was PNG format created by Usenet collaboration and will receive a free month of Newsdemon Newsgroups Service.

  2. Comment by — Blackstar — June 30, 2008