Newsgroup Spotlight: Animation and Comic Book Newsgroups

Comic book and animation newsgroups

Recently and upcoming, movie studios have been pushing and putting emphasis on a range of animation and comics book adaptations. From Wolverine: Origins to G.I. Joe and Watchmen, the recent and predicted success of these movies seem to indicate that only more are destined to hit the box office this decade.

Before this recent push, these movies were few and far in-between, receiving luke warm responses in the past. A large source of why these movies have suddenly received more accolade can be directly linked to the activity and discussions of all things related to animation and comic book online.

One of the largest sources of these discussions have been animation and comic book newsgroups. These newsgroups have been some of the world’s leading portals and resources for news, information and community activities for animators, comic book fans and artists.

Newsgroups like and rec.arts.animation have long been home to discussions of the technical aspects and technique of computer animation by industry insiders and fans alike. Where rec.arts.comics covers the superhero realm and an abundance of discussion of hero specific movies.

Many of these newsgroups have been responsible for running events where animation professionals are free to network with each other and discuss future collaborations. Comic book newsgroups and animation newsgroups both provide updates, news and events that affect animators and the animation world, including comic books.

Discussions are guided by a variety of figures from the animation and comic book world – from animators and directors, to the likeness of the comic book guy from The Simpsons.

Whether you are new or long experienced with the world of Animation and Comics, if you haven’t checked out the corresponding Usenet newsgroups on the matter, chances are you don’t know the full story.

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