Newsgroup Spotlight: Art and Entertainment Newsgroups

Devoted discussions of all aspects of theatre, art and entertainment follow the history of Usenet.  Split into specific sub-category newsgroups, Usenet is a source for community discussions, interactions, sharing and discovering aspects of their respective genres and fields.

Since the early days of Usenet, devoted newsgroups to particular art forms of theatre and entertainment have existed. A hub for those interested in both the result and the process has either found or created a group specific to their interests over the years.

For film buffs or those interested in the process of film making can join discussions on dedicated newsgroups such as rec.arts.cinema where they discuss everything from cinematic technique to film history on this newsgroup.

Additionally, rec.arts.movies and rec.arts.television cover generally the same aspects in their respective genres.

For theatre,, along sub-category newsgroups cover discussions of everything within the range of stage work, acting, directing, reviewing and production. Otherwise, covers other aspects of popular theatre as well.

The above examples are just some of the many newsgroups that Usenet provides in the field of theatre, art and entertainment. Other newsgroups that are much more specific to your interests are sure to also be part of the Usenet hierarchy.

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