Newsgroup Spotlight: Culture and Geography Newsgroups

Usenet has been home to communities for a long period of time that post questions, share information and learn about other cultures. There are many different newsgroups where you can learn about specific cultures and specific areas of the world. These culture and geography newsgroups are home to vast communities of those who wish to participate and share in discussions about their specific region.

The best place to look is in the soc hierarchy newsgroups, among all of the soc.culture.* newsgroups. In these newsgroups, you can ask about cities, languages, history, cultural traditions, and the like. In many cases, these newsgroups will have discussions in two or three different languages.

The purpose of these groups is to exchange news and information about its people, culture and history, and general geogrpahy of different regions.This newsgroups provide a place to talk and get information about practically any region of the world.

Topics of interest many of these newsgroups follow include:

  • Politics, new/old legislation, politicians
  • Culture, history, philosophy, ideology, geography
  • Educational issues
  • Business related issues
  • Societies, traditions, customs
  • Literature, poetry, art, music, folklore
  • Languages, books
  • Science, technology
  • Food, cookery
  • The media, popular entertainment, television, cinema
  • Local events, news, programs, economy
  • Communities abroad, problems, needs
  • Cultural interaction
  • Travel information
  • News from specific regions

Regions are specific, ranging from Africa to Yugoslavia. More information on these groups, including charter page information for each, can be found in our Cultures and Geography newsgroups section.

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