Newsgroup Spotlight: Government and Regional Newsgroups

With recent announcements, summits, conferences and happenings, governments all over the world have been sharing the media spotlight more than ever. Following stories on world government affairs can be daunting, let alone being part of communities that deal with specific regions and topics. USENET  have a variety of different newsgroups that deal directly with regional governments as well as specific issues.
Whether you wish to be part of and follow stories that affect China to Canada and back around to South Asia and the European Union, there are newsgroups for almost any region or country government in existence. Specific issues that affect these regions are also covered by topical newsgroups. Even if you’re planning a vacation to these regions, there are newsgroups specific for them.
Whatever the topic or issue, government newsgroups offer a way to connect and share with a community of those interested in similar topics and regions.

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