Newsgroup Spotlight: World Wide Web Internet Newsgroups

Surfing through the internet today can be sometimes confusing. It’s even more difficult if you’re job is to maintain and manage systems that coordinate with the ever changing world wide web.

USENET newsgroups, celebrating its 30th year this year, has long been a hub for all things involved about the internet. It was after all that Tim Berners-Lee, cited for creating the internet, used a USENET newsgroup to first post about the WorldWideWeb Project that would eventually lead up to be the foundation of the internet that we know and love today.

Since then, hundreds of newsgroups have been created and active on practically any topic related to the internet. From information system newsgroups that deal with technology used to connect to the world wide web to internet language newsgroups such as comp.lang.php for php coding and alt.html for html related discussions are just some samples of all of the categories and sub-categories that internet related USENET newsgroups provide.

To this day, many of these newsgroups provide insightful answers on the evolving world of the internet that eventually turn into the technologies and systems that we use today.

One of the most popular trends on the internet today as an example, cloud computing and storage, owes its source to USENET. USENET has been the oldest version of cloud computing in existence. With emerging cloud computing technologies from Google, Sun, Microsoft and Citrix, the foundation and architure for all is based on the fundamentals of USENET.

Whether just an active surfer, a professional web designer, or an IT networking administrator, USENET newsgroups are a hub for all the internet related discussions that you could possibly imagine.

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