NSA-Proof VPN Connections Available Through NewsDemon

In a world where privacy is fast becoming an illusion, pay attention to Benjamin Franklin’s famous warning that “three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”

Last week, leaks revealed that the Web sites most people use every day are collaborating users’ private information with the government. Companies participating in the National Security Agency’s program, code-named PRISM, include Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. During the 1990s, a “cypherpunk” movement predicted that ubiquitous, user-friendly cryptographic software would make it impossible for governments to spy on ordinary users’ private communications.

Consumers have overwhelmingly chosen convenience and usability. Mainstream communications tools are more user-friendly than their cryptographically secure competitors and have features that would be difficult to implement in an NSA-proof fashion.

However, nowadays, its easier today to encrypt your internet connection and secure your identity than ever before.

NewsDemon.com Newsgroups currently offers SlickVPN service which works with a variety of protocols and devices that allows users to encrypt their internet connection and use an IP address from countries and citiers around the world. This allows the user to circumvent any prying eyes that may be trying to listen in.

The SlickVPN service anonymizes your geographic location and passes all your information through an encrypted tunnel.

There is no reason to believe that the NSA, or anyone else, can crack strong encryption VPN services that have been studied and vetted. If you want to protect your identity online, its more important than ever to use a VPN service to secure your identity.

NewsDemon.com Newsgroup members can include VPN as part of their membership in their admin control panel. For non-members, SlickVPN pricing is available on their website. Or get USENET and VPN access both for one low price from Newsdemon

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