Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Linux OS Released

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The tenth day of the tenth month in the tenth year, the moment Ubuntu Linux has released its latest offering of its extremely popular OS.

Ubuntu 10.10 comes with multiple performance improvements and features a new desktop interface (Unity) on the Netbook Edition, an updated Ubuntu One cloud service, the Ubuntu Software Centre which gives access to applications, games and tools, multi-touch support, updated software packages, the ‘Me Menu’ enabling quick access to Facebook and Twitter, the Ubuntu One Music Store, and more.

When booted up, 10.10 doesn’t look radically different from the previous release it does have a number of very subtle improvements to the default theme. Application windows have smoother gradients, window buttons have been enlarged and refined, and the default Humanity icon set has seen a slight makeover.

The most noticeable change in Ubuntu 10.10 is the Ubuntu Software Centre, which has a History option in the side menu, showing all package installations, removals, and upgrades by date.

For those fortunate enough to have the hardware, Ubuntu 10.10 will have the ability to support multi-touch thanks to uTouch.

You can’t fault Ubuntu for not trying hard enough. The Linux distribution spearheaded by Canonical has been regularly polishing its Ubuntu operating system and among the features found in the latest version 10.10, you can even have the installer download updates for the OS even as it is installing, so that there’s no need to spend time downloading the updates after the installation.

You can find additional information regarding the new OS on NewsDemon.com Newsgroups, such as alt.os.linux.ubuntu and alt.comp.os.linux. A complete Linux directory of Newsgroups is also available.

For those who’ve made the switch and are looking for a USENET newsreader for Ubuntu, you may want to check out LottaNZB which currently supports the latest OS.

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