World Wide Web Turns 20 On USENET

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On Saturday, the World Wide Web celebrated its 20th anniversary on USENET, marking two decades of the openness of the internet to the public.

Way back in 1991, Tim Berners-Lee, who has since been knighted, took to Usenet to post a summary of the World Wide Web in the alt.hypertext newsgroup, describing the project. He noted at the time that “[t]he WWW project aims to allow all links to be made to any information anywhere.” Previously the web was used by those technologically-inclined few, but opening the web to the public allowed it to grow and expand into what it’s become today.

The web has grown so much that for those born in the eighties or nineties, it’s difficult to imagine a world without access to the internet. Now you will find web access on phones, blu-Ray or DVD players, and even televisions. The spread of information was made simpler and quicker than ever with the introduction of the web to the public.

It’s hard to imagine that Berners-Lee imagined that his post on Usenet twenty years ago would help to spark such a revolution in information collaborating and access. Usenet continues to be a forum for the announcement of new technology projects twenty years after Berners-Lee introduced a summary of the web. There are countless newsgroups dedicated to the discussion of technology both new and old.

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