A Great Goodbye to Gates

Bill GatesWho would have thought that back in the 1970s a bunch of geeks from New Mexico would be the tech behemoth that it has become today. Microsoft, as however you think of them, set the standard for operating systems in PCs with Windows and since then, has attempted to infiltrate and conquer everything from browsing to gaming.

Since 1975, Gates has had a hand in everything in the company, whether it be software development or the business cument. When the company went public in 1986, Gates stood as the CEO and chairman before stepping back in 2000 giving the role to Steve Balmer.

In 2006, Microsoft announced that Gates would slowly be transitioned out of his responsibilities as chairman and work more closely to the charities he and his wife Melinda have been part of.
During the late 80s to the late 90s, Outlook Express, a Microsoft creation was one of the top programs in the Usenet community to connect and access newsgroups. Although many other Usenet specific programs have grown to replace it in popularity, it is still one of the most widely used programs to access newsgroups.

What happens to Microsoft after Gates departure is still to be seen. But the impact, regardless of perception, that Bill Gates has made to both Microsoft and consequentially – the world – is undeniable.

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