How To Add USENET Newsgroups

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One question that many users have regarding Usenet is how to add new newsgroups. Depending on the kind of newsgroup you’re looking to make, you may find the process ranges from quite simple to pretty challenging.

The first thing you’ll have to do when adding a newsgroup is determine in which hierarchy you’d like the newsgroup to appear—familiarize yourself with the ‘Big 8’ newsgroups hierarchy when doing this. Next, figure out if the group is going to be moderated or non-moderated. If it’s moderated, the administrator must give the newsgroup regular attention and moderated newsgroups allow only content associated with the newsgroup to be published. Free newsgroups do not have rules regarding adding brand new newsgroups. Newsgroups offers users a simple way of adding newsgroups to our list of over 107,000 newsgroups that are currently accessible. Newsgroups only asks that user submit a request for a new newsgroup through our website. Before proceeding, though, consider a few items so that your newsgroup is not taken off of the server:

A newsgroup will exist on the server only if and when customers request it, meaning that if you’re the only one interested in the newsgroup it probably won’t get off the ground.

Make sure that others are also interested in the newsgroup and will use it once it is added. If there is poor support for the newsgroup, it will remain empty and will eventually be erased by the managers of the server.

Go about finding supporters for the newsgroup you’d like to add in whichever manner you please; as long as they request the group after it’s added, you’re newsgroup won’t go anywhere.


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