Upgrades Data Center will be upgrading all users currently using the following nntp addresses to our new data center:



With this change, which will take place between midnight and 1am on September 24th, 2008, the US based data center will be better equipped with new equipment, better stability, increased retention and redundancy.New members will automatically be routed to these new servers. Existing customers will be notified before being automatically transferred over to the upgraded servers.

The new data center also represents a change in article numbers for each newsgroup. Only current users that have stored their headers in their newsreader will be affected and will have to re-subscribe to their newsgroups to retrieve the newly numbered headers. This represents the only change current users will experience.

All other changes are automatic and will not affect member’s configuration or any other user access. All members should immediately notice better stability and a higher quality of service in this release.

The new data center extends current capabilities and will be a positive change in the end user experience. Further details on the increased retention and redundancy will be updated here throughout and after the transition.At, we appreciate your patronage as we continue to demonstrate our dedication in providing our customers with superior service and support. Any inquiries, questions or concerns regarding this matter can be directed to our technical support team.

Newsreader Instructions Can Be Found Here

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