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For some, they believe Usenet as a nerd sanctuary that is way too geeky to bother with, but it offers so much more than they would believe. It’s a safer and better quality than torrents, discussion forums and vastly more diverse than Reddit. It also offers much more transparency than the Dark Web and way more liberal than Facebook. With millions of users on Usenet newsgroups, over 100,000 active newsgroups, no speed restrictions and a plethora of content to dive into, it’s one of the best kept corners of the online world.

It’s with little wonder that many are returning back in droves to the Usenet landscape. Whatever accessing newsgroups lack in user-friendliness is compensated in sheer variety. The most essential piece is to obtain the best newsgroup access service provider you can find that provide all the features you’ll need to get going fast. It may not be easy as making the browser of your choice default, but your additional efforts are rewarded in kind.

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Why You Need Usenet

Accessing Usenet newsgroups is not like a website or torrent platform which builds a tunnel between the computers around the world and you. All things can come in-between you and the content you’re trying to access that can be less than desirable: open to snoopers, degraded speeds and all types of malware and viruses. There’s no such thing as seeds or delays on Usenet. Your downloads will be as quick as your internet connection can manage with a good Usenet access provider.

20+ Years Of Providing Usenet Access

Usenet does things a little differently. It uses binary groups and NZB clients to break files into smaller parts. Because those files are kept on internal servers instead of user computers, downloads are safe, quick, and eternally available. If you use a VPN, you can add even more armor to your Usenet newsgroup experience.

Whatever your interests are, there is a chance there is at least one newsgroup dedicated to it. Once you find them, that’s where Usenet Providers come in. As the Google or DuckDuckGo of the Usenet world, it provides you to find what you’re looking for.

All of the newsgroups that makes available with your access is completely uncensored and offer one of the highest completion and retention rates in the industry. offers an abundance of newsgroups. Also, if you don’t see it, you can also contact our support department, and we’ll add it for you.

Join the Thousands in the Usenet Comeback

Way back when Usenet was the hottest thing since Donkey Kong, torrents seemed like an excellent new way to connect with other users and content. That dream evaporated in a haze of nonexistent peers, viruses, and copyright scandals. People have since been flocking back to the server-based file-collaborating that Usenet provides. There’s no better way to track important global conversations and known as a powerful democratiser. Usenet replaces torrent sites with over 9 petabytes of storage. That’s an impossible amount of space, and every inch is lined with content.

With over 20 plans to choose from, has got you covered. Whatever your budget, has carefully prepared its plans to offer you the most without hurting your wallet. also offers a free 15GB trial in order to try the service and determine what plan fits you best.

These are not the only reasons Usenet is known as the soul of the Internet, though. Its values and spirit are everything the World Wide Web was supposed to be: elegant, generous, and infinite.

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Ready To Start?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. NewsDemon offers the very best Usenet access you can find. With over 20 years of continuous ownership, NewsDemon boasts incredible retention rates for both Text and Binary files. NewsDemon has been sculpted for Newsgroups. It has the best retention in the industry along with the fastest and most trustworthy connections.

Catering to thousands of users, it’s important that the technology that uses is both efficient and reliable. Usenet servers are located throughout the world in order to assure redundancy and optimal uptime. constantly monitors activity on its servers, prepared to quickly address any issues that may occur


Retention rate is one of the single most important aspects in choosing the right Usenet provider. That’s why offers one of the highest retention rates in the industry, and is constantly expanding and growing these numbers. Alos, with 256 Bit SSL connection plans available, you can assure yourself of being protected from Identity Theft while accessing the thousands of uncensored newsgroups that Usenet access provides.


Speed is also a key feature you should look for with a Usenet service provider, and NewsDemon is blazing fast. Every one of our membership and block accounts allow completely unthrottled access. Much faster and stable than others provide and allows you to maximize your download speeds, and with an uncapped data limit with our unlimited accounts, you can get all of your binging material in just a day.


When a message and/or file is posted on to a Newsgroup, it relies on the server to replicate that message to other servers. This replication process can sometimes generate errors and damage to file attachments especially on other providers. With Newsdemon, we offer a 99.9% completion rate which outperforms many others in keeping the messages and files posted on Newsgroups in their integrity.

Need Help?

No matter what the situation, our support staff can guide and assist with solutions that fit your specific Usenet needs. From 24/7 support to Email, support is the main focus and attention of our company as we know that YOU are the first priority. Unlimited support is available free, regardless of what plan, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.