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Why are Usenet downloads faster than WWW downloads?

The perception that Usenet downloads are faster than standard web downloads is rooted in the way Usenet servers operate, the protocol they use, and their historical development. However, it’s essential…
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The Great Renaming

The Great Renaming: Usenet’s Pivotal Moment of Reorganization In the vast tapestry of internet history, Usenet stands as one of the foundational blocks. Before the graphical interface of web browsers,…
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New NewsDemon West Coast Server Location

Expanding our availability for our members to have the fastest access to our Usenet server locations, NewsDemon is proud to announce the inclusion of our new West Coast Server.…
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Security Certificate Issue

Recently, the Let’s Encrypt root certificate has expired. This is one of the first major digital certificates to expire since the advent of the internet. Therefore, there is no precedent…
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Downloading Headers

Due to our recent move, there is a change in the article numbering of headers. This can cause the articles to appear incomplete or missing. 

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New Horizons at NewsDemon

  We’re Moving! As of December 1, 2020, NewsDemon will no longer be on the Omicron network.   Since we were unable to come to an agreement on a new contract,…
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Site down for maintenance today

The main (web) site will be down for maintenance today. Expected downtime is less than an hour. Back end (nntp) operations will NOT be effected.