Frequently Asked Questions


NewsDemon is a premium USENET (newsgroup) service. We provide high speed connections to newsgroup servers with the highest completion rate and retention rates available. Click here for a list of benefits of using our services.

We currently offer around 107,000+ groups. Many groups are ‘dead’ groups with very little or no content at all and we exclude these. We have the ability to offer more groups so if we do not have a group you would like to read, please let us know HERE.

All premium server usenet accounts are allowed 50 simultaneous connections. The amount of simultaneous connections allow you to browse multiple newsgroup articles at the same time.

This is an extremely complex question because of all the outside forces that can influence the answer. The most important thing to remember is that Newsdemon does NOT in any way rate limit or throttle speeds to ANY of our customers. Newsgroups offers USENET acces from both the US and EU server locations to provide the fastest connection available.

Whenever you download from a secured connection, you are downloading information that has been scrambled on both ends of the connection and then reassembled using a special encryption key that only the two ends have access to. This will help secure your login and password information as well as any other information you are sending through the connection. Some people whose ISPs are traffic shaping certain ports used for usenet communication will also see an increase in speed because their ISP is not traffic shaping the SSL ports.


NewsDemon is easy to join! We accept Paypal as well as our own secure credit card processor. See All Of Our Available Usenet Access Plans

Please visit our Price Match Page We match most competitor prices and also offer block accounts which are one time access purchases. If you are unsure about NewsDemon, please give us a try with a free usenet access trial account 

Currently, you can pay in US Dollars/UK Sterling and Euros using most of the Credit/Debit Cards. NewsDemon accepts payments in US Dollars through PayPal too. Join Now lists all supported methods/currencies for you to choose from.

After you signup for a membership, within seconds you will receive a membership email and a receipt email. The membership email will contain a username and password which you will use to access our newsgroup servers. Please keep both of these emails for your records.

YES!!! If you do not provide us with a real email address, you will not receive either your receipt of purchase or your membership email. You need both of these. We DO NOT resell your info, we do not send you spam, and we do not contact you for reasons other than issues with your account.


The easiest way to find the best Port for your account is to visit our ports page

We count every byte of information that flows from our server to your pc. This includes all files from binaries groups and text groups. We do not count transfer amounts for posts you make to groups.

There is a page within your members area with details on how much transfer you have used for the current billing cycle. The statistics sections of the members area are updated every hour.

We bill either your credit/debit card or your Paypal account. All of our membership plans renew automatically until you decide to cancel. If you no longer want to receive our service you must fill out the cancellation form located in the members area. If you signed up using either Paypal or Worldpay, you will need to login to your Paypal or Worldpay account and cancel your subscription there AS WELL as cancelling your subscription within Newsdemon.

When you reach your monthly download limit you will no longer be able to download from newsgroups. Autorecycling allows our system to automatically renew your account once you have reached your monthly download limit. This means we will bill you for the next month’s membership on the day you reach your account download limit. This will also move your future billing date. For example: You signup for a 200GB per month account on the 5th of the month. Unless you use all 200GB of your download prior to the 5th of the next month your next rebill will be the 5th of the following month. However if you use all 200Gb of the download limit by the 24th of the same month (19 days later) our system will automatically rebill you for the price of a 200GB account and your rebill date will move out till the 24th of the next month (unless you again use all your transfer before that date).

If you want to cancel autorecycling, please login to the members area and click the link on the left side of the page to turn autorecycling on/off.

1. If you’ve signed up for a Free Trial Account, you should cancel your account before your trial period ends.
2. If you’ve paid using PayPal, Bitcoin or WorldPay, please make sure to cancel your Subscription or FuturePay Agreement too.

Once the account has been cancelled you may log in to the site and choose to delete your account entirely.

If you want to upgrade your account or change your payment information, please access the change form in the members area.

You can view your Newsdemon invoices in your Members Area Dashboard

NewsDemon has a relationship with SlickVPN. You can get an account here: Visit

Account collaborating is not allowed. We reserve the right to cancel your account if our system detects multiple IP addresses are connecting simultaneously. Please see our Terms Page located here: Terms Page

NewsDemon does not track or log the newsgroups you visit or the articles your access. We are required to maintain a record of any post you make to the USENET but access to this information is restricted, please see our Privacy Policy for more details regarding this info.

Block accounts do NOT expire. If you get a message saying your block has expired, please contact our support team.

Our servers can not currently distinguish between headers and articles for quota purposes. We are working on solving this issue. For unlimited accounts, it is obviously not an issue but for block and monthly limited accounts it causes some questions. Our solution is to add an additional 10% or more to every limited or block account upon billing to accomodate for potential header usage. If you are a customer who consumes more than 10% of your quota in headers, just let our support team know and we will gladly adjust your quota.


Unlimited accounts are truly unlimited. We do not throttle speeds, limit usage, or otherwise impede unlimited accounts. If we are unable to provide full speeds for your account, we will gladly refund your last month’s payment in it’s entirety.

Our back-end system requires us to assign a specific quota for every account, even for unlimited accounts. When we create new unlimited accounts we still have to provide the system with a total number of bytes allowed. We set this number to be a very large number of bytes but occasionally we do have some users who will hit this limit legitimately. If that happens, we will gladly reset their account quota for them.

Unfortunately we do have some users who are not following the rules set forth in our Terms Of Service. We have some users who sign up for accounts for the purpose of collaborating their unlimited accounts through various methods (login collaborating, proxies, etc). We have also had a few competitors who have signed up for our unlimited accounts just to feed their own customers from our servers. These competitors would pay us $10 for an unlimited account which they could then use to feed many of their own customers through proxy, which might have cost our competitor hundreds of dollars if they were forced to pay their wholesale provider but they only paid us $10. This is against our Terms of Service for a variety of reasons.

We only shut down accounts in cases where suspect that some form of abuse is taking place. This is rare, but it does happen from time to time. You can report abuse here: Newsdemon Abuse

NewsDemon has a working warrant canary. You can inspect our warrant canary here: NewsDemon Warrant Canary