Digital Millennium Copyright Act

In order to address copyright infringement by electronic means, the U.S. Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in 1998. In accordance with the DMCA, maintains a current registration with the U.S. Copyright Office which can be found in the Directory of Service Provider Agents page is fully compliant and cooperative following the guidelines dictated in the DMCA

We take matters of copyright seriously. The DMCA is designed to only allow the copyright holder or agent to submit DMCA notices. By law, any suspicion of copyright infringement must be submitted by the copyright holder.

If you find any work on or its related services that may infringe on any copyright and you are NOT an agent for an entity nor the individual that possesses the copyright, please forward the information to the appropriate copyright holder. Otherwise, follow the guidelines below.

I Only an entity or person(s) who are in possession of the copyright that submit a DMCA Notice will be responded to by To protect your copyright and following the DMCA requirements please follow the provided guidelines for submitting a DMCA Notice:

Please properly format the DMCA Notice to be accepted

1. Verifiable identification and a defined stated relationship of and to the person or the entity that submits the DMCA Notice is required.

2. Include the Message-ID’s for Articles that the DMCA Notice addresses that is desired for to take down.

3. A clear statement, under penalty of law, that the information in the DMCA Notice is both accurate and that you are an authorized agent of an entity or the person who holds the copyright, including either a physical or electronic signature of the authorized agent of an entity or the person is also required.

4. The signature must contain the name and physical address of the authorized agent of the entity or the person(s) that can be contacted should the DMCA Notice be contested.

5. Submit your notice to the current email on file in the Directory of Service Provider Agents page.

Once any DMCA Notice that follows the above guidelines is received by, we will act accordingly to remove all infringing works as quickly as possible. We will additionally ban any customer who has violated our Terms and Conditions by posting any material we find to infringe on any copyright from all of our services. will then respond to the DMCA Notice via email once our investigation and action on the matter has been resolved.