30th Anniversary of USENET a Success


NewsDemon.com Newsgroups is proud to announce that the 30th Anniversary USENET promotion was a sensational success.

On November 11th, NewsDemon.com Newsgroups hosted a USENET birthday special which offered all monthly subscription plans for only $1.00. The unpresented special was all part of the continuing effort to grow awareness of the valuable resources that the USENET newsgroup communities provide.

We are pleased to have so many new members join our NewsDemon.com Newsgroups family.

During the 24 hour promotion, some users mistakenly had signed up for pricing plans that were not part of the offered special. Although our announcements had been clear that only monthly subscription plans would be offered at the discounted $1.00 rate, a compromise to our system allowed other plans to briefly be available.

Due to this inconvenience, customers that signed up for these excluded accounts have since been issued automatic refunds or have been transferred to a monthly subscription plan, dependent on their payment method. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to the few affected. Anyone who believes that they may have been billed improperly can contact our support department for a complete refund.

NewsDemon.com Newsgroups takes pride to be one of the only USENET providers to offer 24/7 customer support. We encourage members to contact any of our support team with any issues that we’ll be happy to resolve.

We thank all of you for making this 30th USENET anniversary special such a great success! As we continue in providing cutting-edge, premium USENET access, expect many more features, promotions and service upgrades in the months to come.

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