Asteroid Hunters Keep Planet Safe

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An asteroid or a comet may be on their way to destroy Earth. In seconds the cataclysmic explosion could devour our entire planet.

Luckily, a group of unsung heroes is on the case to find out if and when such an occurrence can happen here on our planet. No, it’s not Superman, Wonder Woman or any other member of the Super Friends.

The “Hall of Justice”  that harbor these heroes are not hovering above the earth in a space station. Rather, these less than selomly heard from group of researchers, scientists and others share a small space at the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA).

Here, they monitor, research and determine if the leads and information they receive from other astronomers and other researchers pose a threat to our planet.

Having to calculate a great many variables, this research team lead by Timothy B. Spahr (director of the Minor Planet Center)  are the call center for suspicious objects found throughout the Universe.

It’s reported that this team has taken the task for years now to compile and evaluate whether such an occurrence is even possible on a variety of space related newsgroups.

Credited on newsgroups from such reports such as the Juno asteroid and as well as a solar system, they use the information gathered to definitively determine what these objects may be and how they can affect us.

No other country in the world has a group with as many resources or size to this matter as the one found at the CfA. They’re seen as the authority throughout the world that can determine whether or not our existence is in immediate peril from runaway space objects flinging towards us.

As of now, the CfA has marked us as safe from all that they’ve found for now. But their job is not done. Many objects speeding close to the speed of light are not always seen dashing across the vastness of our universe. These objects have the possibility of coming around through our galaxy at any moment.

It’s the job of these superheroes, alongside other gastronomists and scientists, to keep looking up and looking out before it’s lights out for us.

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