FCC Approval Of Super Wi-Fi Could Bring Faster USENET Access

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Accessing USENET newsgroups on the go may quickly become better and faster. The Federal Communications Commission has voted unanimously to allow unused airwaves in the broadcast TV spectrum to be used for unlicensed mobile broadband operations, creating a Super Wi-Fi. The decision will enable both greater bandwidth and longer range than present-day Wi-Fi signals.

The unlicensed airspace, which sits between TV channels on the spectrum and is called “white space,” uses a lower frequency than traditional Wi-Fi, which means it can travel both farther and faster, and can penetrate walls. White space technology’s capabilities have led some to dub it “Super Wi-Fi” or “Wi-Fi on steroids,” in the words of FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

By unlocking the white spaces that exist between digital TV channels, namely 50MHz and 700MHz frequencies, it enables Wi-Fi to perform better.

“Unlocking this valuable spectrum will open the doors for new industries to arise, create American jobs, and fuel new investment and innovation,” the FCC said.

Upon FCC’s approval, Genachowski celebrated the possibilities of Super Wi-Fi.

“Super Wi-Fi is what it sounds like: Wi-Fi, but with longer range, faster speeds, and more reliable connections,” he said. “We can also expect, as we’ve seen now with Wi-Fi, enhanced performance from the mobile devices using licensed spectrum that we’ve come to rely on so heavily.”

Super Wi-Fi is expected to generate speeds that are 15 times faster than current Wi-Fi technologies, allowing for mobile devices, such as the upcoming tablets and laptops to access and use it to access these networks for optimal USENET and online access.

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