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New Horizons at NewsDemon


We’re Moving!

As of December 1, 2020, NewsDemon will no longer be on the Omicron network.  
Since we were unable to come to an agreement on a new contract, our term officially ended on Nov 30. To abide by our terms, we had been unable to make this announcement earlier. However, NewsDemon is prepared and you can rely on our due diligence for a smooth transition. We have successfully moved our member traffic onto our new partner network, UsenetExpress.



New USENET backbone.  

We have committed resources and with the liberty of developing our own spools and platform; our own independent NewsDemon network is on an expedited timetable. We have agreements in place to backfeed the new NewsDemon spools to increase retention rapidly.


Our team will establish transit servers and peering relationships with multiple tier 1 backbones and fill our own spool set. Throughout our progress, we will provide periodic updates on all development and core services.



New West Coast Servers.

We’re also excited to announce our plans to launch a new server on the West Coast of the United States, which will only be available to NewsDemon members. 

This location will provide increased speeds for a portion of the US, Australia and New Zealand. We anticipate to have an active server at this location by the middle of January 2021.


The NewsDemon team is very thankful to the Highwinds/Omicron team for their many years of excellent service.

We started out as a Newshosting reseller years ago and then moved over to Highwinds along with Newshosting.  Since then, we established friendships and a great working partnership with the folks at Highwinds.


NewsDemon would like to thank all of our members for supporting the Independents in the Usenet space. 
Your support of UsenetExpress and NewsgroupDirect and the growth of those properties has allowed us to be confident in our move to independence at NewsDemon.


What You Need To Know



/// As a NewsDemon member,  you will not need to do anything.  All current configurations will remain the same.
Unlimited members will see no change in their plans.
Monthly Limited members will see that their monthly quotas have all been reset.
Block Account members will find that their block accounts have all been reset to 100% available.
///  The transition started at Midnight of December 1st and members have been migrated to our new platform and network.
///  West Coast servers will be added to the NewsDemon network in 1st Quarter 2021.
///  The NewsDemon team recognizes and appreciates the relationships with our partners and most of all, our members.

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