NewsDemon Announces Retrocative 11,000 Day Retention On All Newsgroups

NewsDemon has announced today that it will soon be able to offer 11,000 days of retention as well as allow an unprecedented 150 simultaneous connections for all members. This increase in retention is retroactive, meaning that members will be able to access articles since the very first post on Usenet, almost 30 years ago! The retention will also span and cover all BBS posts made throughout time as well.

“By utilizing new technology, we’ve been able to use thousands of 500 Terabyte hard drives in a facility that’s about the size of Wisconsin. We hope that with the new Octuplet Quad Dual Sedecuplet 40Ghz Processors with each running 85GB of DDR4 memory a piece we’ve included in these machines, it will continue to drive the same consistent service that members have relied on.” said Marty McFly, Operations Director for NewsDemon.

The largest obstacle faced has been  power and HVAC for all of these machines to remain green. Luckily, with the help of solar panels and windmills, is able to power the 260,000 machines for approximately 2 years with as little of a carbon footprint as possible.

In order for members to access the now available tecbillion of messages on Usenet, NewsDemon bandwidth has been increased to support multiple OC12 connections. This will give users the ability to download messages at an astounding 622Mbit/s with each connection!

The new service utilizes cutting edge technology and will grow the Usenet community to new bounds as community members posts of questions from the early 80’s are finally expected to receive a response.

“This is all new to the world of Usenet. And to bring back all of the posts that have  been thought to be lost and now available at your fingertips is the result of incredible new advanced technologies” said Lead Engineer, Dr. Emmett Brown.

NewsDemon is already working on other projects to save the entirety of the Internet in much the same fashion.


From all of us at Newsgroups, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!

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