NewsDemon Now Offers geo-DNS For Faster Connections

NewsDemon members now receive the fastest speeds available to them through our new geo-DNS automation.

With server farms located throughout both the US and EU, the new geo-DNS locates the closest server to their location, offering them the fastest speeds available to connect, access and share on USENET newsgroups.

The service, which is available for both SSL and non-SSL users, is automated. Members simply need to input any of the four NewsDemon server addresses that is part of their region to their newsreader (or the free version of News Rover that is available to all members):

General Servers:

US Servers:

German Specific Servers:

European Servers:

Once the server address is inserted, the automated service will pinpoint and connect to the closest Newsgroups server farm available.

This service and upgrade is free to all existing and new members and no further configuration is necessary. The username and password provided at signup is necessary to connect and access any of these server farms. The service is available to both monthly and block plan users.

The geo-DNS automation should allow members a worry free solution to get the most out of their USENET newsgroup experience. Any Newsgroup member with any questions on how to configure or use this service can contact our 24/7 customer support team for more information.

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