Now Offers SSL Support For EU Members

bluelock.thumbnail NewsDemon Usenet 2024 is proud to announce the new European SSL server has moved out of Beta into full production mode. The SSL server will allow European users to enjoy the same 256 bit encryption served out of our Amsterdam server farm.

SSL encryption provides security and privacy while using Usenet and Newsgroups services provided by SSL protocol allows two programs to communicate with each other in a secure way. It also allows programs to create “sockets”  which are endpoints for communication, and make connections between those sockets.

For several months, had included testers for the new SSL encryption through a server that was used for the beta stage. After closely monitoring and maintaining the new server and collecting valuable feedback from beta testers, has announced that it has successfully graduated the server farm from it’s beta stage and is now ready and available in production.

New and current European members who opted for an SSL plan automatically receive the new SSL encryption services.   Please visit for port information for your plan.  Any members with questions or concerns can contact Customer Support.

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