Newsdemon Review: Newsrover Newsreader Version 14


As one of the pioneers in the newsreader market, News Rover remains as one of the most popular newsreaders available today. Currently up to version 14, the automated newsreader has grown to host a multitude of features while still remaining fairly light on system resources.

The program excels when properly setup to download newsgroup posts and attachments. Extremely fast working in the background, some of the automatic functions include being able to download specific files to designated locations unattended.

By scanning each newsgroup the user specifies, News Rover downloads the messages that match the selection criteria – minus the spam. News Rover includes a built-in RAR/PAR processor for handling RAR file posts, MIME and uuencoding.

Like Outlook Express, News Rover is also capable of sending and receiving emails as well via conventional email protocols as well as acting primarily as a Newsreader. The program also includes a JPG picture gallery which can create a thumbnail gallery of images.

On the security side, Newsrover has the option to be password protected and includes file encryption capabilities. The file encryption is dependent on the Usenet providers availability for SSL. Newsdemon accounts are all eligible for this SSL capability.

Running on Windows solely, News Rover is compatible with most Windows versions from 98 to Vista.

News Rover is a robust and trusted name as a Newsreader solution. With each iteration, it has matured. Now at Version 14, and moderately priced at $29.95, News Rover remains a top-tier level consideration for all of your Usenet and Newsgroups needs.

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