Extends T-Shirt Program announced today that it will extend it’s current T-Shirt program until October 31st. Any new users who sign up for select unlimited plans are automatically eligible to choose t-shirts between three colors and a variety of sizes.  T-Shirts are also shipped free to new customers.

The original promotion, which began on September 1st, was originally scheduled to end by September 31st. Due to the enormous demand and success, has extended the free t-shirt program until October 31st. Simply a sign-up for one of’s flexible unlimited plans automatically qualifies new members for the t-shirt alongside free shipping .

Coupled with this offer, you also receive all of’s member benefits including:

-Blazing Speed
-20 Simultaneous Connections
-SSL Encrypted
-115 Day Binary Retention
-700+ Text Retention
-Excellent Support
-99.9% Completion

Others can qualify as well by assisting in’s Free Usenet Program. The program was created to grow awareness of Usenet specifically for Universities and Charities. Qualifying candidates include webmasters, active members of forums, social networks, blogs and others. Details are located in the Free Usenet Program offer.

These incentives are all part of the campaign to expand awareness of Usenet and to help expand the community. Newsdemon continues to push ahead as a leading provider of Usenet services and Newsgroup access. With this extended offer, expects a continuing success in maintaining customer satisfaction.

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