Newsgroup Spotlight: Agriculture Newsgroups

Agriculture newsgroups have offered opportunities for farmers to take part in online conversations among other farmers and agriculture professionals for over 20 years. Agriculture is defined as the occupation, business, or science of cultivating the land, producing crops, and raising livestock. It includes the art, science, and industry of managing the natural resources of plants, animals, soil, water and air. There are several different forms of agriculture as well, often defined by geography.

In the United States, agriculture has generally been mechanized and heavily dependent upon an integrated system of supporting same related businesses. In the United States and Canada, most farmers and ranchers depend heavily upon technology. With USENET, it has been a home to those involved in agriculture as they have been able to build communities in order to share and learn on new methods that lead to the progress of agriculture methods.

Most farmers practice monoculture, relying upon a single crop for their primary income, and have expanded to very large acreages in order to take advantage of economies of scale. Such farms are referred to in terms of the primary crop, for example, a dairy farm, a cattle ranch, or a wheat farm. Some small farms are run by part time farmers who also have other occupations.

Many Agriculture USENET newsgroups offer the latest information in agricultural news, weather, markets. They provide a grassroots voice of farmers and ranchers. Discussions occur on a variety of different topics: from livestock and machinery, to beekeeping newsgroups and farm humor. These newsgroups on agriculture invites you to read what “people on the land and close to the action” have to say about the events and progress in agriculture.

Below are a variety of agriculture newsgroups to enjoy


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