Newsgroup Spotlight: Marketplace Newsgroups


If you’re looking to sell something online, you may not have to bother with the usual channels of maon, eBay or CraigsList. For almost 30 years, USENET newsgroups have been a great resource for people to do sell and buy on newsgroups.

One of the first channels of selling online had been on the USENET. With a variety of different categories and industries to choose from, it’s easy to find or place an ad that attracts the desired attention.

Like all online selling channels, there is precaution that needs to be taken. Just like any other online transaction, scrutiny needs to be given on what to buy from whom.

With enough research and playing it safe, you can join the thousands of others who have rare treasures hidden deep within the articles and posts of marketplace newsgroup postings.

If you’re looking to place something for sale on newsgroups, take a look at what USENET has to offer. If you play your cards right, you may find yourself buying that rare whatnot for that thingamajig you’ve always wanted.

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