Newsgroup Spotlight: Photography Newsgroups

Photography newsgroups on USENET can include hundreds of different topics and comments on virtually anything related to digital photography in a single day. Many different newsgroups exist on the matter of photography to cover both the novice to the pro.

Members of these photography newsgroups are usually active  photographers that are dedicated to capturing moments one shutter click at a time. Photography newsgroups are also usually available to help anyone who’s new to photography, whether it’s a brand new SLR or a Point and Shoot.  There are even newsgroups that cover the market and sale of photography equipment. Marketplace photography newsgroups are a great place to meet other photographers.

Photography newsgroups often include Frequently Asked Questions that explain basic photography techniques. Some of these newsgroups may also include photography tutorials as well.

Whether you’re shooting with an advanced Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony or Fuji SLR Or a simple point and shoot you are more than welcome to a hosts of newsgroups related to photography.

Here are some other photography newsgroups to help you along: The work of photo journalists – Photography in general – Photoshop discussion group – Photo Newsgroup in Japanese – Developing, printing and other darkroom issues – Digital Photography – 35mm Camera issues – Large format Camera issues – Medium-format Camera issues – Photo equipment issues – Film and Lab issues – Trading of personal photographic equipment – General issues related to photography – The art and science of photography – Misc photo techniques – Various shooting techniques not covered specifically – Nature and photography topics – People and photography

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