Newsgroups Recount CES Highlights


It’s 2010 and it’s already been a long hard week for many people in Las Vegas this week, as over 100,000 people flocked to the city for the Consumer Electronics Show that ended this past Sunday. Many reports on the positive upswing for this yearly convention as registration top 120,000. Multiple newsgroups have been getting posted with a ton of updates from the weekend CES 2010 event. Here are the top CES discussions going on:

Televisions – From the Toshiba Cell TV, Skype HD TV and others from Samsung, Phillips and Toshiba, the biggest winners in this class were those who brought out the 3D TV Sets. With the cost of manufacturing them coming down – and Avatar coming out on DVD in a few months – expect reasonably priced 3D LED TV sets coming soon. How do they look? If you like how 3D movies look in the theatre, you might like these.

Toys – Top toys from this year’s CES according to hobby newsgroups had mini helicopters with built in cameras that can be controlled with your iPhone like the Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter to the IceTouch Mp3 player with the first ever transparent OLED Touchscreen. Microsoft newsgroups report that at CES it looks as though that the XBox 360 upgrade Natal may indeed be out by the holidays this year which could be a big blow to the Nintendo Wii – who stood silent this year.

eBook Readers and Tablets – The Amazon Kindle might have but the eBook market on the map, but certainly isn’t the only contender.   With dedicated eBook newsgroups, the Entourage Edge and Plastic Logi Que ProReader have been the most discussed of the 23 companies that displayed e-readers at this year’s show – and none showed them last year.

Phones – Since the world of mobile connectivity is exploding, smartphones by the plenty should be no surprise. Motorola, Samsung, HTC and more displayed their new offerings.  No longer for just making phone calls, most of these phones – equipped with apps, can very well almost replace laptops completely. Mobile computing is getting easier. Most interesting? According to mobile newsgroups: Google Nexus

Connectivity was once again the over-arching theme during the 2010 CES and the focus of several technology executives’ speeches. With all the gadgets mentioned above and including new offerings in Ford vehicles, the theme has been about integrating these devices together.

Much like the way Usenet ties in all these themed newsgroups, these technologies are being modeled to communicate and interact with each other. With the way that these toys appear now, it seems as though the home PC may be the mother to all these components.

Closing CES, a new possibility of shaking around in your living room with 3D game characters swarming and closing in on you while you bluetooth your friend for backup seems more of possibility this year. Unanimously, newsgroups rejoice.

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