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Another Meteor Hits USENET Newsgroups

By Newsgroup Usenet December 11th, 2009


If you missed out on last month’s Leonid meteor shower, don’t worry. Space and astronomy newsgroups report what very well may be the best meteor shower of the year will occur this coming Sunday and Monday.

Occurring in mid- December, the Geminid meteor shower is often the most reliable meteor shower of the year — you may see 30 to 60 meteors an hour. This year, newsgroups are reporting that the Geminid meteor shower’s peak is the night of December 13th and 14th of this year. According to NASA related newsgroups, the shower has intensified in recent years and researchers are curious if the trend will continue this year. There are many predictable meteor showers during the year, but most of them are not very spectacular, producing only a few more meteors than the background rate of five to 10 random meteors per hour.

As comets go around the sun, they also leave tiny grains of debris along their orbits. When the Earth crosses the orbit of a comet, it encounters this debris train, and we get a meteor shower. This year, the meteor shower appears during a new moon, so the sky should be dark and meteors should be easier to see.

The Geminids were quite weak when they were first identified in the late 19th century, but have intensified in those 150 years. In 2006, NASA astronomers observed at least five Geminid meteors crash into the moon. The shower derives its name from the fact that the meteors look like they are originating from the Gemini constellation. NewsRover Newsgroup Newsreader Updated

By Newsgroup Usenet December 10th, 2009


The version of NewsRover newsreader that all members receive free with their subscription has been upgraded to version 15.1 Rev: 0: 10. All members are invited to login and download the latest update. Newsgroup members are entitled to receive the newsreader free with any of subscription or plan. Updates for the newsreader are included as part of the subscription to USENET provided by Newsgroups.

The current NewsRover newsreader update reflects a number of enhancements to make the best out of your USENET experience.  For first time users, Newsgroups also provides a tutorial on How To Install NewsRover

The award winning NewsRover newsreader has a variety of features that make it indispensable to many. NewsRover saves time while efficiently automating many of the processes involved with newsgroup subscriptions. The update will not affect current settings or previously downloaded newsgroup headers.

Newsgroups: Top Searches In 2009

By Newsgroup Usenet November 30th, 2009


First out of the veritable search engine gates this year, Bing has posted its top searches for 2009. Each year, the big three give us a reveal on what most of us have been looking for all year long.

Here are 2009 top search results from Bing:

1) Michael Jackson – No surprise that the death of the one glove entertainment goliath topped the list.

2) Twitter – The USENET inspired service gained a curious look by many this year – few REAL people joined.

3) Swine Flu – Achoo.

4) Stock Market – Achoo.

5) Farrah Fawcett – Charlie lost an angel this year.

6) Patrick Swayze – Although Ghost and Dirty Dancing brought him fame, he earned the online world respect early with Road House.

7) Cash for Clunkers – A government incentive program to encourage US citizens to purchase foreign cars.

8) Jon and Kate Gosselin – Talk of divorce clogged both the interwebs as well as many USENET newsgroups for the reality television couple with 100 kids.

9) Billy Mays – But wait, there’s one more:

10) Jaycee Dugard – Kidnapped as a child, Jaycee was discovered alive after 18 years from her disappearance, also with a child.

The search trends tend to coincide with the popularity of these topics on newsgroups. Each of these top 10 either have a dedicated newsgroup to the matter or at the very least – a newsgroup related to the topic.

According to Bing, other searches were prominent this year:

“Not surprisingly, we saw a lot of folks using Bing for quick access to favorite sites like Facebook, MSN, Youtube and Craigslist. We also saw a lot of more complex searches such as product related queries in which people used Bing to help decide what MP3 player to buy and travel searches to help find the best deals on a tropical vacation.”

Separate from “Top Trending Topics”, the most popular searches is a general category of search terms that gained the most interest. Top Trending Topics is another list compiled by Bing which mostly covers celebrities. This year, the top three were Megan Fox, Robert Pattinson and holding in at number one – Perez Hilton.

Google has its own trends section will allow users to see real time results on popular searches. Yahoo and Google both are expected to have their own 2009 top 10 searches coming out soon.  The Bing results are only gathered from US results and do not include a UK edition. To find out more, many Microsoft and search engine newsgroups provide discussion groups on the matter.


Google and Yahoo have both released their top 10 results. In each, Michael Jackson takes hold of the charts in each. However, looking closely at the rest is where all the similarities apparently end:


  1. michael jackson
  2. facebook
  3. tuenti
  4. twitter
  5. sanalika
  6. new moon
  7. lady gaga
  8. windows 7
  10. torpedo gratis


1) Michael Jackson

2) The Twilight Saga

3) WWE

4) Megan Fox

5) Britney Spears

6) Naruto

7) American Idol

8) Kim Kardashian


10) Runescape

Evolution Newsgroups: Darwin Raises $172,000

By Newsgroup Usenet November 24th, 2009


Today marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of one of the world’s most important and controversial books — Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. A first edition of the book, which had been kept in a bathroom bookcase for years in southern Britain, sold for more than $172,000.00 (100,000 pounds) today after going thru Christie’s auction house.

Evolution and science newsgroups are discussing how an anonymous telephone bidder purchased the 1859 print run of the book on the 150th anniversary of the work’s original publication. It is Darwin’s seminal book that shared his theory of evolution with a lay audience.

When Darwin originally published the book, most scientists accepted his theories on evolution. The general public wasn’t as easy to convince, however, mainly due to the fact that Darwin’s theories challenged established religious beliefs. Not much has changed in 150 years.

As the USENET newsgroups point out, other events are planned around the world commemorating the 150th anniversary of the publication of “On the Origin of Species” and the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth, Feb. 12, 1809.

Newsgroup Spotlight: Mac Newsreaders

By Newsgroup Usenet November 20th, 2009


Apple is more popular than ever. With new software becoming available for the Mac almost every day, an unusual amount of variety is now starting to sprout. No surprise that the mac newsreader arena is one of them. Here are our top three newsreaders for Mac that stand out from the bunch.

3) Hogwasher – Made by Asar, the mac only newsreader has been around for a while. It maintains multiple server support, integrated media viewing features and complete email support. It should be able to run on Snow Leopard without issue, but we were not able to test that. The trial period is 60 days and $49.00 thereafter. Set up Instructions for Hogwasher

2) BinBot – Originally designed and created for Linux machines, this newsreader is one of the very few that actually support all three – Linux, Windows and OS X systems. Also feature rich, BinBot automates a lot of the processes involved with USENET. You have a full 30 days before committing to a $19.95 cost to buy the program.

1) Unison – The parent company, Panic, makes other programs but one of the most popular has and continues to be the Unison newsreader. One of the longest running newsreaders for Mac in the market today, Unison continues to be updated and supported for most Mac machines.  Unison definitely has the most users than any other Mac newsreader we’ve found, which makes it helpful when needing to get support especially.  If you like it after 30 days, keep it for $24.95 for each full release. Set up instructions for Unison

All three of these newsreaders are quite capable all on their own. The real difference is really how intuitive and complicated each one can be. Hogwasher and BinBot take a little bit more time to configure and get used to. Unison on the other hand, is much more straightforward and fairly simple.

It’s a good bet to just try out each to find what works best for you. With a good trial period for each one, they all allow for you to test them out thoroughly and figure out how they function. If you have an experience you’d like to share, add them here to our comments. We’d like to know what you think.

Also, if you’re using an iPhone, you do have options. NewsTap is the most popular newsreader for the iPhone and iTouch  and is routinely updated and maintained.

30th Anniversary of USENET a Success

By Newsgroup Usenet November 17th, 2009

bellovin-anniversary Newsgroups is proud to announce that the 30th Anniversary USENET promotion was a sensational success.

On November 11th, Newsgroups hosted a USENET birthday special which offered all monthly subscription plans for only $1.00. The unpresented special was all part of the continuing effort to grow awareness of the valuable resources that the USENET newsgroup communities provide.

We are pleased to have so many new members join our Newsgroups family.

During the 24 hour promotion, some users mistakenly had signed up for pricing plans that were not part of the offered special. Although our announcements had been clear that only monthly subscription plans would be offered at the discounted $1.00 rate, a compromise to our system allowed other plans to briefly be available.

Due to this inconvenience, customers that signed up for these excluded accounts have since been issued automatic refunds or have been transferred to a monthly subscription plan, dependent on their payment method. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to the few affected. Anyone who believes that they may have been billed improperly can contact our support department for a complete refund. Newsgroups takes pride to be one of the only USENET providers to offer 24/7 customer support. We encourage members to contact any of our support team with any issues that we’ll be happy to resolve.

We thank all of you for making this 30th USENET anniversary special such a great success! As we continue in providing cutting-edge, premium USENET access, expect many more features, promotions and service upgrades in the months to come.

Leonid Meteor Shower Top Space Newsgroups Chatter

By Newsgroup Usenet November 16th, 2009


Stay up late and you might believe that Aliens are arriving in drones. However, read an astrology newsgroup and find out that the night sky will be lit up in the early hours of Tuesday morning hosting the Leonid meteor shower.

The annual event, named for the constellation Leo, is a light show of comet crumbs caught up in the Earth’s gravitational pull as the planet swings through the debris field.

Discovered in 1865, the Tempel-Tuttle comet orbits the sun every 33 years, and it’s around this time every year that the Earth passes through the cometary debris. Every year at this time it happens — with tons of ice and rock vaporizing in the earth’s protective atmosphere. The last time it came by was in 1998. In 1991, 2001 and 2002, the Earth passed through concentrated dust trails, which produced a meteor storm with thousands of meteors per hour. The number of meteors this year will be above average.

According to NASA and space related newsgroups, the best time to see the most activity will be between the hours of 3:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. EST. The shower should produce a “mild but pretty sprinkling” of meteors over North America (20 to 30 meteors per hour) followed by a more intense outburst over Asia, where observers may see 200 to 300 meteors per hour.

Happy Birthday, USENET!

By Newsgroup Usenet November 10th, 2009


Without the USENET, the online world that we know today could have possibly never existed. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, USENET has been a vital resource at some time of almost every notable technology entrepreneur and developer for the last three decades.

The USENET long has been a meeting ground of the whos-who of the current online world. For the last 30 years, USENET has hosted a range of newsgroups that has allowed thousands access to discuss practically every conceivable topic imaginable. It has been where the pioneers such as Linus Torvalds, Jeff Bazos and even Google founder Sergey Brin first discussed and announced their developments and achievements on USENET.

The thirtieth anniversary of USENET brings with it a significant history. Existing before there was even a World Wide Web, its purpose to create an online community quickly grew out of any ones expectations of what it would be and what it would influence.

It was in North Carolina at Duke University and the University of North Carolina that both Jim Ellis and Tom Truscott would eventually discover and create the foundation of what the USENET has been. It was late 1979 that Truscott and Ellis officially announced the creation of USENET . The success and popularity of such a system could have never been imagined. Since its creation, USENET has been home to the announcement of the World Wide Web as well as its first browser.

Recognizing and paying tribute to the 30th anniversary of the USENET, Newsgroups sat down with two key players of the early days of the USENET. We sat with Tom Truscott one of the founders of the USENET and Brad Templeton, creator and moderator of one of the most widely read newsgroups ever – rec.humor.funny, and discussed with them on what USENET was, what it is now and where they predict it will be. The interview is part of a month long celebration of the 30th anniversary of a system that has shaped almost every aspect of the online world we know today. We look forward to another fantastic 30 years of whatever USENET will be.

To start things off right, Newsgroups is offering a special for all new customers. To celebrate the anniversary of USENET, Newsgroups is offering all subscription plans for $1.00 each month. This special is only available for one day only and allows premium USENET access to thousands of groups for only $1.00 each month for two months on any subscription plans, including the unlimited plan.

“We hope to encourage old and new users alike the opportunity to experience for themselves the benefits and resources that USENET has to offer. By allowing them an almost risk-free incentive of only a $1.00 investment each month, for two months, to try out the service and access the thousands of active newsgroups available, we’re confident they’ll stay to become active subscribers to these communities.” said Charles Burnside, Marketing manager for Newsgroups.

To this day, after 30 years, the USENET has surprised many by its longevity. In an ever changing online world, it’s a common thought that all technologies and mediums require further innovation in order to exist. However, USENET provides evidence that what it provides at its core – a system in which it allows people to discuss topics in an organized fashion – can never go out of style. Newsgroups Offers $1.00 USENET Newsgroup Access

By Newsgroup Usenet November 10th, 2009


In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the USENET, Newsgroups is proud to offer a $1.00 special on ALL premium USENET access accounts. For one day only, all subscription accounts – metered to unlimited- is being offered for only $1.00!

It was in 1979 that Jim Ellis and Tom Truscott first discovered the USENET we know and use today. In those thirty years since, we’re happy to be able to observe and celebrate the historically most widely used online communication system on the planet.

So, for one day only, we’re offering new customers a special rate of only $1.00 for the first two months of premium Newsgroups USENET access. All metered (10gb, 20gb, 30gb, 50gb) accounts and our Unlimited accounts, for one dollar for two months. After two months, the rate returns to normal pricing.

Thirty Years of USENET newsgroups has brought together hundreds of thousands of users to discuss, interact and share online. If you’ve never been before – or haven’t been in awhile -here is your chance to enjoy premium high speed access to the USENET and search through over a hundred thousand newsgroups that are home to a massive online community.

With online access for only $1.00, now you can try it out and see for yourself why the USENET has been and continues to be THE online destination and resource for millions of users each day for over three decades.

This special is for one day only. USENET access on all subscription based accounts is only $1.00 for the first two months. After the second month, the full price of the plan chosen will be billed. This offer is valid for both US and EU residents alike.

All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is to come back to our website, anytime between the hours of 12:01 AM GMT and 11:59 pm PST. The prices on our website will change to reflect the $1 pricing.

Newsgroup Spotlight: Chemistry Newsgroups

By Newsgroup Usenet November 5th, 2009


From High School Students to accredited Chemists, newsgroups have been a destination for many to discuss, interact and share almost everything regarding the world of Chemistry. USENET Newsgroups offer more than a dozen newsgroups that are home to Chemistry newsgroups.

Chemistry in general is a very diverse field with many different aspects. As USENET newsgroups are broken down to sub-categories of general categories, it has enabled focused discussions about whatever aspect of Chemistry one may be interested in. Analytical chemistry newsgroups and Electrochemistry newsgroups, as an example, each have their own subscribers that share opinions and information that further there understanding of these fields.

In many cases, these newsgroups have been known to provide more up-to-date information regarding innovations and discoveries than any conventional paper journal about the ever changing understanding of Chemistry. It also provides a way to discuss these discoveries alongside other professionals and eager minds.

As with most newsgroup categories that fall under science and technology, Chemistry newsgroup communities have existed for over 20 years and continue to host both old and new subscribers that participate in every day discussions and happenings on Chemistry newsgroups. Whatever field or particular interest in Chemistry one may have, USENET newsgroups should be a required online destination.