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By Newsgroup Usenet November 8th, 2008

img_01294.jpg members who signed up and qualified for their free t-shirts will be arriving at their doorsteps soon. For the month of October, gave away a free t-shirt for new members who had signed up for the unlimited plan.


On Thursday, November 6th, has sent all US qualified members their t-shirt. Delivery should be between 3-5 days with most shirts.


Canada and EU qualified members will be sent out shortly as well. Updates will follow on this blog on the status of delivery.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who partook in this event as well as our existing members as we look forward to providing all of our members continued excellence in service and support.


Stay tuned as has other promotions and giveaways in the works for the near future.


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By Newsgroup Usenet November 8th, 2008 has recently announced the implementation of a 256 bit Extended Validation SSL certification, the highest industry standard for identity authentication. visitors and members with the latest high-security web browsers will see a highly visible green address bar verifying the authenticity of the web site with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. This is the only level of authentication that enables Internet Explorer 7 to display the trusted green address bar and a scrolling security status bar identifying both the web site and the Certificate Authority for


The new address bar provides  users with more peace of mind by a clear identifiable sign that the Usenet and Newsgroups provider site can be takes privacy and security to extended measures to assure our members continue to have a safe, private and secure experience. continues to trail blaze the initiative of new standards as America’s #1 Usenet Provider.

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Happy Halloween

By Newsgroup Usenet October 31st, 2008

From All of us at Newsdemon, a Happy Halloween to all.

Jonathon Ross, Russel Brand Upsets BBC, British Comedy Awards and Andrew Sachs

By Newsgroup Usenet October 31st, 2008

f_0_brand_sachs_320.jpgJonathon Ross has already cost BBC TV hundreds of thousand of pounds, leading to a 12-week suspension due to a series of prank calls to Andrew Sachs.Estimates range around £550,000 in cancelled studio costs alone.

Jonathon Ross has since stepped down as the host of the British Comedy Awards, breaking tradition over the last 17 years of the 18 year old award show history.

A spokesman for Ross said of the British Comedy Awards: “It’s a show he very much enjoys being part of but would not want his participation in this year’s event to take away from the awards themselves or the many talented winners of the awards.”

The offensive on-air comments presented by both Johathon Ross and Russell Brand on the Radio Two show against veteran actor Andrew Sachs, famed for his role in the bumbling Spanish waiter Manuel in the 1970’s comedy Fawlty Towers, have unleashed a political storm throughout the UK. Complaints topped 30,000.

The situation was sparked when Ross and Brand aired recordings of multiple explicit voicemail messages of Sachs, 78, in which they told him Brand had sex with his granddaughter, Georgina Baillie, 23, a burlesque performer who is a member of a group called the Satanic Sluts.

Lesley Douglas, the controller of Radio 2, was forced out of her job. Following an emergency meeting of the BBC Trust, Miss Douglas announced that she was resigning her post after four years, admitting that she was ultimately responsible for allowing the offending material to be broadcast.

The BBC Trust has also demanded that the BBC management broadcast an apology to licence fee payers on Radio 2 for what it called “serious and deliberate breaches” of the editorial code. It has also instructed Mr Thompson to write a personal apology to Mr Sachs and his granddaughter for the “deplorable intrusion”.

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Microsoft Has It’s Head In The Cloud

By Newsgroup Usenet October 28th, 2008

Microsoft is taking another step into the world of Web-based computing with a new system it’s calling Windows Azure.

Microsoft says it’s joining and other rivals in selling information storage space and computing power “in the cloud,” distributed across massive data centers worldwide. That will let companies build Web-based programs without having to manage their own data centers.

Microsoft’s chief software architect, Ray Ozzie, described Azure to software developers at a conference in Los Angeles. Ozzie said that managing Microsoft’s own Web sites and Web-based programs has made the company adept at anticipating Web traffic spikes and knowing when to ramp up some computers and dial down others.

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Richard Garriot Comes Back To Earth

By Newsgroup Usenet October 26th, 2008

media.jpgAfter departing on October 12 to the International Space Station, with a round-trip ticket that cost him $30 million, famed videogame creator Richard Garriott returned safely back to Earth on Friday (via the Associated Press). It was a trip Garriott had been planning and preparing for since September, 2007.

“What a great ride that was,” Garriott said, after emerging from the capsule he and Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Sergei Volkov returned in. Later, in televised comments, Garriott added, “I’m looking forward to some fresh food and to calling my loved ones. I’ve got my father here, but I’ve got other family back home I want to get ahold of.”

Interestingly, Garriott’s trip into space makes him America’s first second-generation space-traveler — his father, Owen Garriott, was an astronaut himself. Richard “Lord British” Garriott, of course, is the creator of the Ultima RPG series.

The AP story notes that while on the space station, Garriott “conducted experiments,” although what they entailed weren’t detailed. But there’s one thing we do know he did: ensure humanity’s immortality. As part of what Garriott called “Operation Immortality,” he delivered and stored digital human DNA data on the International Space Station, including data from none other than Stephen Colbert. The idea, we suppose, is that if humanity ever goes extinct, the data could be used by far more advanced alien civilizations to recreate our species.

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Britain Blows Wind Power Forward

By Newsgroup Usenet October 22nd, 2008

Britain has stepped onto the global energy stage and become the largest producer of power from wind technology, outstripping countries like Denmark (19% wind) and Spain (9% wind). Off the coast of Skegness they have set up a wind array that generates enough energy to power 130,000 homes — quite a feat, considering the vast patches of land that wind power requires in order to be effective (you could fit an airplane between the tips of the blades of these turbines).

The UK has been making major moves to become the leader in world wind production, adding batches of turbines over the last several years. Another set, at the Whitelee farm, brought the UK’s total energy capacity (from wind technologies) up to 3 Gigawatt hours. To put that into perspective, that is enough energy to power 1.5 million homes.

The Skegness array represents another major step, it is the largest off-shore wind array in the world and is a amazing touchstone for alternative energy, and is one of many world wide initiatives to reduce coal-based energy production. Even so, these developments are not without their problems.

The UK wants wind to represent 1/3rd (35 Gigawatts) of their total energy production by 2020. Many analysts say that without major infusions of capital (mostly in the form of tax money), achieving this goal will be impossible. In a world where all economies are feeling increasing pressure to trim the fat, these massive outlays are unlikely. Add this to the fact that there are problems getting these wind farms hooked into the grid, and the task becomes even more uncertain.

If they are unable to meet these targets, they could face energy shortages and heavy fines from Europe as Britain is legally committed to generating at least 15 per cent of its total energy from alternative sources by 2020.

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Britain UFO Files Released to the Public

By Newsgroup Usenet October 21st, 2008

Officials easily dismissed numerous reports of UFOs tracking the London sky in 1989 as a laser light show at an outdoor Tina Turner rock concert at Wembley Stadium.

But not all “flying saucer” sightings between 1986 and 1992 have been as easily explained, according to primary documents made available to the public for the first time by Britain’s National Archives on Monday.

The more than 4,500-page online document is the second batch of testimonies chock-full of shimmering objects, mysterious crop circles and creatures from another dimension collected by British military and released this month. It includes first-hand accounts such as:

  • Statements from police officers in West Yorkshire describing sightings of “bright lights in the night sky”
  • Testimony collected from a U.S. Airforce Sabre jet pilot ordered to “shoot down a UFO” flying over eastern England during the height of the Cold War
  • A letter from a person dubbed “alien-spotter extraordinaire” who reported regular alien visits since 1982

Another of the 19 files released by the British Ministry of Defence to the National Archives details a near-miss with a possible UFO and passenger jet carrying 57 people en route from Milan to London’s Heathrow Airport on April 21, 1991.

Alitalia pilot Achille Zaghetti saw a flash zoom by his cockpit windshield and screeched, “Look out, look out” to his co-pilot, the archives show.

A call placed to the control centre revealed an unknown target was spotted 10 nautical miles behind the aircraft.

An investigation into the flying object debunked Zaghetti’s suspicion it was a cruise missile. The Ministry of Defence also confirmed the object was neither a weather balloon nor a space rocket.

The projectile remains unexplained to this day.

David Clarke, a UFO expert who works for the archives, suspects as many as 160 UFO-related files will be made available to the public in the next three to four years.

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MicroBerry May Come Soon

By Newsgroup Usenet October 17th, 2008

Microsoft said that they have no plans to create a mobile device of their own, but they might have bigger plans to enter the business. According to a TelecomTV report, the monumental software company is planning to make a bid to acquire Research In Motion (RIM), makers of the Blackberry mobile devices.

According to the report, analysts are suggesting that Microsoft is waiting for RIM’s share prices to drop before they make a proposal. The Blackberry maker’s share numbers are currently at $60 USD, and as soon as the price drops to below $40, Microsoft will make their offer.

In related Microsoft mobile news, the company’s Windows Mobile OS is still widely used by other devices, such as the Samsung BlackJack and T-Mobile’s Dash. Provides Free Newsgroups Access to Media Members

By Newsgroup Usenet October 14th, 2008 is expanding its free Usenet program to all members of the media. The Free Usenet Newsgroups program, initiated by initially for educators and charities, has expanded to cover members of the media including print, audio and multimedia channels.The Free Usenet program has been a trailblazing effort by set forth to expand awareness and growth of the Usenet resources and community that it represents.

Usenet is a worldwide distributed discussion system founded in 1979. Usenet remains to be one of the largest worldwide online community in existence with an extensive base of users. With topics segregated to corresponding Newsgroups, almost any available interest is discoverable through the Usenet system. Usenet has been a hub for milestone events such as the announcement of the Internet.

The Free Usenet program is set to grow awareness of the valuable resources Usenet has to offer. By allowing educators, charities and now members of the media free access to Newsgroups, it is the belief of that these incentives will grow the community and resources that Usenet has to offer.

Interested and qualified individuals and companies are urged to become part of this limited offer engagement for the Free Usenet Program. Details can be found here. Qualified members will receive the same benefits available to our premium members, including 99% completion rates of articles, 110 days of retention, and simultaneous hi-speed connections. is a leading provider of quality Usenet services. Since its inception in 2002, has built a solid foundation of being a reliable and trusted name in the Usenet community.