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Winner for first Newsdemon Usenet Trivia Contest

By WebMaster April 17th, 2008

We have a winner!
Sam C. of Aurora, Colorado, USA successfully answered June 25, 2005 as the date AOL discontinued servicing usenet customers through their service!
Sam will receive a free month of newsgroups access from!

Check back tomorrow for another trivia question!

Free Usenet Trivia Contest!

By WebMaster April 16th, 2008

We have decided to offer a regular “Free Usenet Trivia Contest”.  We will be asking a single trivia question regarding something “usenet related”.  The FIRST person to reply to the following email address with the correct answer PLUS their Name, City, State, and Country will be declared the winner.  The winner will receive a free month of Usenet Access!  Only the FIRST CORRECT email we receive at [email protected] with the user’s real information will be considered.  We will announce the winner within 24 hours of posting the Trivia Question.  If you submit an answer and do not hear back from us, then you are not the winner.  We will post the winners first name, last initial, city, and country on the blog after we have emailed the winner.  If you are not the winner, check back tomorrow, we may post another Usenet Trivia question tomorrow!

Today’s question: On what date did America Online (AOL) discontinue providing free newsgroup access through its service

Usenet Feed Size

By WebMaster April 16th, 2008

Just a quick note, the usenet feed size, or the amount of data posted into usenet newsgroups, for the month of March was roughly 3.8 TB per day.  We will try to post a monthly note regarding the feed size.

This number is up from a little over 3 TB per day a year ago, and 2 TB per day in 2005.

Newsdemon Newsgroups Average Feed Size

Free Newsdemon Newsgroups Accounts!

By WebMaster April 14th, 2008

Thats right.  We know the economic times have tightened.  Thats why we have decided to offer creative ways for our customers to get free usenet access.  We have created three easy ways you can get a free month of Newsdemon Premium Newsgroups Service.  All it will take is a little of your time and your creative energy!

Click here for more details!

Newsrover, a usenet newsreader, has been updated.

By WebMaster April 14th, 2008

The Latest revisions of Version 13.2 address the following:

  • Improved the error retry facility so that logon errors are retried as well as download I/O errors. There is a new parameter on the Configure/Advanced screen that specifies the number of times to retry errors.
  • Changed the Configure/Server screen so that it is now possible to have two entries for the same news server. You can specify a server nickname to cause the two entries to have different display names.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause News Rover to crash if the Delete key was held down to delete many messages while other messages were being downloaded by the same group.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause News Rover to crash if the message list was refreshed while performing a Save-As or Move-To operation.
  • When event logging is turned on, News Rover now presents a screen with a button that can be clicked to copy the event log file specification into the clipboard.
  • Removed the option from subscribed newsgroups and Autoscan to not combine parts of multipart messages.

Just a reminder, Newsdemon provides a FREE registered copy of Newsrover with ALL Newsdemon Newsgroups subscription plans!

Douglas Adams on USENET!

By WebMaster April 11th, 2008

Yes, it is from 1993. Still very cool though:

An excerpt:

I’ve finally managed to get a convenient connection to the Internet. I
opened an account at the Santa Fe Institute earlier in the year, but it was
slow and complicated using it from London so I gave up on it.

I know there is a ton of accumulated mail on my Santa Fe account, which I
will try and get to. I’ll try and post news here from time to time if it
seems like it might interest people – for instance, it looks as if the HHGG
movie is finally coming after the shelf after 10 years.
I’m going to be doing a book signing tour in November, and I’ve posted a
current provisional list of where I’m going.

Douglas Adams
London, UK

Too bad Newsdemon was not around at the time to help. Come back, Mr. Adams!

Spammer gets up to 26 years prison!

By WebMaster April 1st, 2008

Speaking of spam, Robert Soloway, the man authorities had dubbed “the king of spam” is facing a possible 26 year jail sentence after pleading guilty to charges of fraud and tax evasion.  Apparently, Soloway raked in more than $300,000 from his spam operations in 2005 and failed to file either a state or federal tax return in his home state of Washington.

Soloway is accused of using a database of 157 Million email addresses to send out spam e-mails using a botnet.  The prosecution is also seeking more than $700,000 in damages.

Anniversary of SPAM!

By WebMaster March 31st, 2008

March 31st is the 15 year anniversary of the first “SPAM” message. The USENET can take credit for being the first online medium to experience the phenomenon so many of us now hate. Supposedly, in 1993, Joel Furr, a USENET administrator coined the term “spam” when he discovered that a piece or experimental software had released dozens of recursive messages onto the popular news.admin.policy newsgroup.

The term was supposedly inspired by this 1970 Monty Python sketch:

Premium Account Reminder

By WebMaster March 9th, 2008

We would like to remind all of our Premium Account subscribers that they are allowed to use two different nntp news servers.

  • – port(s): 119, 443, 8080
  • – port(s): 119, 23, 8000, 1720, and 3128

Our SSL subscribers are allowed to use all of the addresses below (only is ssl enabled currently):

  • – port(s): 119, 443, 8080
  • – port(s): 119, 23, 8000, 1720, and 3128
  • – port(s): 443, 563, and 8080

Newsdemon’s first blog post!

By WebMaster February 21st, 2008

Yeah, we know we are about a decade behind the rest of the world when it comes to generating a blog, but after many requests from customers, we have decided to add a blog.

We will use this blog to discuss happenings at Newsdemon, the world of the usenet, and whatever else seems relevant.