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NewsDemon Holiday Giveaway Winner November 14th

By Newsgroup Usenet November 15th, 2013

Another winner of our Holiday Giveaway has been chosen!


Congratulations to J. Diogo a new non-expiring Block account member, who has won our first prize of a Roku 3 media streaming device.


Thank you to all who have joined and entered into our Giveaway and stay tuned tomorrow for our next winner. We’ll be choosing a daily winner each day until November 19th, where we’ll then announce our Grand Prize winner.


Join Today and get in on the Holiday fun!


The NewsDemon Team

NewsDemon Holiday Giveaway Winner For November 13th

By Newsgroup Usenet November 14th, 2013

Our first winner of our Holiday Giveaway has been chosen!

Congratulations to A. Roberts, a new Unlimited Plus member, who has won our first prize of a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Amazon.

Thank you to all who have joined and entered into our Giveaway and stay tuned tomorrow for our next winner. We’ll be choosing a daily winner each day until November 19th, where we’ll then announce our Grand Prize winner.

Join Today and get in on the Holiday fun!

The NewsDemon Team

NewsDemon Holiday Giveaway 2013 Starts Now

By Newsgroup Usenet November 13th, 2013


To start the holidays right, NewsDemon has launched its annual Holiday Giveaway!

The NewsDemon Holiday Giveaway 2013 begins today and is full of prizes that will be given away at random to a lucky new member each day for the next seven days. Beginning on November 13th, all new users will be automatically entered in to the contest. Choose and sign-up for either a monthly account or a non-expiring block account by 11:59PM between November 13th through November 20th and you’ll automatically be included to our daily drawing and for our Grand Prize drawing.

A lucky winner each day will win one of these great prizes (chosen at random):

Roku 3 – The Roku 3 delivers the best streaming services available, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Spotify and even your locally stored content all in HD.

Amazon Gift Certificate – With a $50.00 Amazon gift certificate, you can browse and purchase almost anything ranging from books, movies, music and more.

Chromecast – This digital media player plugs right into your HDTV and is able to stream music or video content directly from yur Android device (phone or tablet).

Free Upgrade to a 1 Year To Unlimited Usenet – We’ll upgrade your Usenet account to a 1 Year Unlimited Usenet account. If you purchased a block account, this would be a separate 1 year account. Save the block for later.

If you didn’t win on one of our daily giveaways, don’t fret! You’re still included in our Grand Prize drawing on November 20th.

Our Grand Prize winner will win ALL FOUR PRIZES! The random winner will be a new Member that signs up between November 13th through November 20th and has not already won one of our daily prizes.

We’ll be updating this blog and our fFcebook and twitter accounts daily announcing our winners. Check back often.

What are you waiting for now? Go and sign up now to enter and “Good Luck” from the Newsgroups Team!

NewsDemon Now Offers geo-DNS For Faster Connections

By Newsgroup Usenet October 28th, 2013

NewsDemon members now receive the fastest speeds available to them through our new geo-DNS automation.

With server farms located throughout both the US and EU, the new geo-DNS locates the closest server to their location, offering them the fastest speeds available to connect, access and share on USENET newsgroups.

The service, which is available for both SSL and non-SSL users, is automated. Members simply need to input any of the four NewsDemon server addresses that is part of their region to their newsreader (or the free version of News Rover that is available to all members):

General Servers:

US Servers:

German Specific Servers:

European Servers:

Once the server address is inserted, the automated service will pinpoint and connect to the closest Newsgroups server farm available.

This service and upgrade is free to all existing and new members and no further configuration is necessary. The username and password provided at signup is necessary to connect and access any of these server farms. The service is available to both monthly and block plan users.

The geo-DNS automation should allow members a worry free solution to get the most out of their USENET newsgroup experience. Any Newsgroup member with any questions on how to configure or use this service can contact our 24/7 customer support team for more information.

NewsDemon Newsgroups 1TB Non-Expring Block Account Fire Sale

By Newsgroup Usenet September 12th, 2013

NewsDemon has now launched a limited time special on their 1TB block account.

Normally priced at $87.00, the 1TB non-expiring block account is now available for only only $35.00!

The 1TB block account special includes all of the features and services offered by NewsDemon including:

5+ Years of USENET Binary Retention
Over 50 Simultaneous Blazing Fast Connections Available
Free News Rover Newsreader
Free Headers, Posting and Header Compression
24/7 Live Support

As with all of NewsDemon Newsgroups block accounts, the 1TB offer is non-expring. This means you can use the full amount when you want, as you need it, without the worry that it will expire at any time. The 1TB of bandwidth is valid until the amount is completely exhausted.

On top of the $35.00 1TB offering, NewsDemon is also offering VPN access with other options:

1TB – 3 Months of VPN Only $47.00 – (a $58.00 Savings!)
Normal Price: 1TB $87.00 / SlickVPN 3 Month Access $18.00

1TB – 6 Months of VPN Only $56.00 – (a $66.00 Savings!)
Normal Price: 1TB $87.00 / SlickVPN 3 Month Access $35.00

1TB – 12 Months of VPN Only $71.00 – (a $55.95 Savings!)
Normal Price: 1TB $87.00 / SlickVPN 3 Month Access $39.95 Features:
Unblock Websites Overseas
Totally Secure Encrypted Channels for Ultimate Privacy
Blazing Speeds in a variety of countries
Works with your Wi-Fi connection at home and on the road
You can set it up on multiple computers.

Why Use a VPN?

With SlickVPN, You can change your IP address to one in another country. You can finally unlock your internet and access content that would previously be unavailable.

SlickVPN also gives you ultimate security with an encrypted connection ensuring your internet connection is not compromised no matter where you are. Do you shopping and browsing with a secure 128BIT encrypted tunnel. Access country specific content anywhere you are. A new world of possibilities is available with the SlickVPN application that would otherwise be unavailable online.

Join NewsDemon Newsgroups now during our limited time special. This offer is limited to a set number of new accounts and will be discontinued when they run out.

NewsDemon Newsgroups Announces Upcoming Sale

By Newsgroup Usenet September 11th, 2013

Tomorrow, September 12th, NewsDemon will be offering new customers a limited time special like no other before.

We’ll be offering customers the opportunity to sign up for one of our most popular plans at the lowest price ever offered.
This special will only be available for a limited time. Stay tuned on Thursday morning (EST) and check back to this blog for the details of this special.

All new and current customers can sign up for the new offerings. Believe us when we state that you’ve never seen these prices before from a USENET newsgroup provider.

In an effort to bring awareness to the resources that USENET provides, NewsDemon will be running this special to help grow the USENET community. Currently, USENET has seen an increase in interest and usage. With the latest offering, customers will be able to get instant access to all of the features and services that NewsDemon provides.

NewsDemon Newsgroup Announces 5 Year Binary Retention

By Newsgroup Usenet August 23rd, 2013

NewsDemon 5 Year Binary Retention

Premium USENET provider NewsDemon Newsgroups has reached another milestone by providing over 5 years’ worth of binary retention on over 140,000 active newsgroups.

With upgrades to its networks in both the United States and European server farms, NewsDemon is now able to offer over 1830 days of retention with a full 99.9% completion rate.

The retention rate refers relates to the length of time that a binary or text file is available on USENET newsgroups. With this upgrade, users can now access binary files that had been posted to USENET newsgroups from more than five years ago. This further enhances the USENET newsgroup experience alongside the other features that NewsDemon provides:

  • 256 Bit SSL Encryption
  • A Choice between United States and European Servers
  • Up to 50 Simultaneous Connections
  • Free Headers, Posting and Header Compression
  • Live Support Available 24/7


On top of the mainstay features, NewsDemon Newsgroups also offers additional features for USENET fans:

  • Free Newsreader – Fully Functional Premium Newsreader, News Rover (A $29.95 value)
  • Unlimited Online Storage  – Provided by StorageNinja (A $50.00\Mo Value)
  • Unlimited VPN – Provided by SlickVPN, service allows users to choice between cities in over 40 countries worldwide (Normally $10/mo)


“We continuously strive to offer top-shelf, innovative services that we believe our members will use and enjoy” said Jason Sheppard, a member of the NewsDemon team “We’re always looking forward to offering our members the best possible USENET experience.”


The new upgrade to 5 years of retention is immediately available to all new and current members. As with previous upgrades, it comes completely free with their subscription to NewsDemon Newsgroups. The 1830 days of retention spans both the monthly service and non-expiring block plans.

NewsDemon July Promotion

By WebMaster July 17th, 2013

The July Unlimited Usenet promotion has ended….

We would like to thank everyone who participated. We consider the promotion to be a huge success!

Please bookmark our blog, members blog, and our twitter feed to make sure you take advantage of future specials.

-NewsDemon Team

NSA-Proof VPN Connections Available Through NewsDemon

By Newsgroup Usenet June 14th, 2013

In a world where privacy is fast becoming an illusion, pay attention to Benjamin Franklin’s famous warning that “three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”

Last week, leaks revealed that the Web sites most people use every day are sharing users’ private information with the government. Companies participating in the National Security Agency’s program, code-named PRISM, include Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. During the 1990s, a “cypherpunk” movement predicted that ubiquitous, user-friendly cryptographic software would make it impossible for governments to spy on ordinary users’ private communications.

Consumers have overwhelmingly chosen convenience and usability. Mainstream communications tools are more user-friendly than their cryptographically secure competitors and have features that would be difficult to implement in an NSA-proof fashion.

However, nowadays, its easier today to encrypt your internet connection and secure your identity than ever before. Newsgroups currently offers SlickVPN service which works with a variety of protocols and devices that allows users to encrypt their internet connection and use an IP address from countries and citiers around the world. This allows the user to circumvent any prying eyes that may be trying to listen in.

The SlickVPN service anonymizes your geographic location and passes all your information through an encrypted tunnel.

There is no reason to believe that the NSA, or anyone else, can crack strong encryption VPN services that have been studied and vetted. If you want to protect your identity online, its more important than ever to use a VPN service to secure your identity. Newsgroup members can include VPN as part of their membership in their admin control panel. For non-members, SlickVPN pricing is available on their website. Or get USENET and VPN access both for one low price from Newsdemon

NewsDemon Now Offers Cosmos IP Addresses With SlickVPN

By Newsgroup Usenet April 1st, 2013

In a constant effort to improve the services of Newsgroups, we are proud to announce that we are now offering customers who use our VPN service provided by SlickVPN additional servers that span a great portion of the Universe. Newsgroups has been offering its customers VPN service through SlickVPN for some time now. With the added SlickVPN service, customers have been receiving premium VPN service that enables them to surf online securely wherever they go and browse otherwise filtered content by using one of our dedicated IP addresses with over 50 locations worldwide to choose from. With this added service, users are able to surf anonymously by having the ability to change their IP address to almost any continent in the world. At Newsgroups, we understand that may be limiting to some customers. Therefore, we are now offering  IP addresses that span the cosmos.

With the new additional VPN servers, customers can now change their IP address to other planets including those in Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or even the now-not-considered-a-planet, Pluto. Additionally, SlickVPN will also be expanding its selection of VPN servers to include those outside of the solar system and galaxy. Exclusive to Newsgroup customers, customers can now select servers located in the Dagobah system, the Borg Prime in the Delta Quadrant and even the recently liberated planet of Requiem. Newsgroups has been working diligently with its SlickVPN partner to provide these added benefits due to the popular demand from our earth-based and alien customers. With the inclusion of these newly created servers, Newsgroups hopes to expand further into the great beyond, where no man has gone before, to offer further locations to use the VPN service.

Stay tuned for other benefits stemming from these locations as Newsgroups is preparing to offer additional USENET servers from these exotic planets and galaxies in the foreseeable future.