Sport your support for Usenet with a free Newsdemon T-Shirt

You now have the opportunity to sport a cool and stylish t-shirt when you sign up for our unlimited plan.
In a continuing effort to grow awareness of the benefits Usenet has to offer, we’re offering a t-shirt absolutely free for any of our new customers that sign up for our unlimited plan.
Be the envy of the neighborhood by owning our limited edition t-shirt while helping a good cause to grow the ever expanding world of the Usenet community.
You can also be eligible by assisting in our Free Usenet Program designed for Universities and Charities by promoting awareness of Usenet.  Send us your links of our banners on your site, forum or blog and we’ll send you your choice of color and size t-shirt right to your door. We’ll even pay for shipping! is dedicated to our users and the Usenet community. Newsdemon is known for blazing speeds, high completion rates, retention and outstanding support. With this offer, you now gain a long lasting stylish t-shirt as well!
What are you waiting for? Supplies are limited and this giveaway ends either way by September 31st, so don’t delay! Sign up now for our premium Usenet unlimited plan and join the largest community network on the planet.

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