What’s the deal with Usenet Newsgroups Retention?

Recently, NewsDemon.com’s Usenet Newsgroups had made several retention upgrades.  We had been waiting on these upgrades for some time now and we were happy to finally be able to pass the extra days along to our customers.

Now, we are getting customers who have seen that several of our competitors are following suit and increasing their retention above and beyond what we currently show.  So, we thought we would clear the air about NewsDemon.com retention.

It is NewsDemon.com’s internal policy to NOT report retention increases until we are able to actually provide and verify these days of retention on our servers.  Often, our retention numbers posted are only the amount of days available through use of article ids and exclude additional days that might be available in a group.  This mostly occurs on some of the larger groups with over a billion articles.

With that in mind, we would like our customers to know we are currently showing slightly over 200 days of retention in most of our core groups we use for measurement.  We will be updating the numbers on our website later this week.  And although we do not choose to provide an actual number of days we are building up to, we will share that we do not intend to stop growing our retention in the near future.  Building retention is a very costly and time consuming endeavor and we at NewsDemon.com hope you will understand our efforts to provide accurate information regarding our continuing upgrades on our Premium Usenet Access services.

From all of us at NewsDemon.com, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2009.

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