Usenet Newsgroup Charter

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In an effort to help educate users about Usenet and Newsgroups, we’ve created this general directory of newsgroup topics alongside thousands of pages of detailed information about specific topic newsgroups.

Clicking on any of the links below, you can drill down deep into any topic until you find the charter for the groups under that topic.


Some newsgroups regularly post a description to the group that describes its intention. These descriptions are posted by the people involved with the newsgroup creation and/or administration. If the group has such a description, it almost always includes the word „charter“, so you can quickly find it by searching the newsgroup for that word. A charter is the „set of rules and guidelines“ which supposedly govern the users of that group..

If there is a charter or newsgroup that you would like to have added, please contact our Support department, and we’ll be glad to add it to our list.

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Animals and Pets

The section for animal and pets cover newsgroups dealing amphibians, wildlife and pets such as dogs, cats and birds.

Arts and Literature

Newsgroups dedicated to art. These arts and literature newsgroups range from animation, pictures, poetry, science fiction, theatre to books, comics, fashion, humor and more.

Business and Marketplace

Business and Marketplace newsgroups that cover everything from finance to jobs. Other sections include consumer, investment and general finance specific newsgroups

Computers – OS and Platforms

Operating Systems and computer hardware related newsgroups. Product and Brand specific newsgroups such as those from HP, IBM, Ubuntu and Microsoft are included. Operating System and Software newsgroups cover a variety of specific topic groups as well.

Cultures and Geography

Newsgroups specific to a geographic location and the cultures of those areas. Specific groups cover a variety of facts including population, economy and general history markers of these sectors. Sub newsgroups of other areas are also available.

Cyber World

Online community social networking newsgroups. These newsgroups cover everything from the World Wide Web to a variety of specific topic newsgroups relating to Usenet.


Departments of education as well as educational institution specific newsgroups. Mostly dealing with university campus newsgroup as well as elementary and general higer education newsgroups.


Goverment newsgroups section deals with a variety of newsgroups dealing with specific topics such as politics, healthcare, charities, medicine and taxes. Groups are segregated many times to specific areas of the world. Additionally, general goverment newsgroups are broken down into sub-newsgroups by topics.

Hobbies and Enthusiasts

Hobby enthusiast newsgroups contain active communities regarding remote control and model cars, photography, ham and general radio communications and video to name a few. Other hobbies such as roller coaster, woodworking and railroad newsgroups are also available.

Internet and online

A general directory of newsgroups that deal with the world wide web and bulletin boards. Groups concentrate on topics as information systems, online forums and other online groups.

Kids and Parents

Newsgroups that cater to kids and parents. Groups cover such topics as child safety and programs. For parents, active communties exist regarding parenting including adoption. Topic specific newsgroups such as homework newsgroups exist.

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft has newsgroups dedicated to each avenue of their business. From operating system to office and other Microsoft technologies like IIS, Storage and Mail technologies are covered

News Users – News and FAQs

These newsgroups center around the administration, announcement, faqs, answers and specific software newsgroups. For new users, many newsgroups in this category should be considered to start.

Newsgroup Articles

Wide variety of short articles on different topics discussing the A-Z of Usenet and the Newsgroups.

Science and Technology

Newsgroups dealing with Aeronautics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, Psychology etc.