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  • NewsDemon is one of the only known providers to allow Bitcoin, checks, money orders-- even cash-- to pay for your membership.
  • We are the only USENET company to provide a Warrant Canary. A Warrant Canary provides transparency to our users by disclosing any received legal correspondence from any government agency/entities.
  • With NewsDemon, you’ve long been able to find, download, and keep virtually whatever you want using 50 (256 bit) SSL connections.
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Browsing Usenet has been an activity that pre-dates the internet.  However, exposing your IP address without a secure connection carries risk.  With the inclusion of a SlickVPN account, you can now browse the web anonymously so that nobody can see your real IP address-- including on Usenet!  With SlickVPN, since no one can see your IP address, your privacy and security have an extra layer of protection and is now included with your NewsDemon membership!

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