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Welcome! Below is a selection of frequently requested support for Usenet access and other Newsgroup related topics. If you do not see your question directly addressed below, use the "Other question/problem" selection near the bottom of this page.

EMAIL NOTE: Some users using Hotmail/MSN/Outlook are not receiving our signup confirmation or support emails. If you are using one of these email services and are not receiving a response, please email us from an email address not on one of these services (gmail/protonmail/yahoo/etc).

Login and Password Retrievals

  •  I don't know my MEMBER ID

    Lost Usenet access member ID or password. Please check your email confirmation if you received one to verify that your username and password is present.

  •  I don't know my password

    Lost Usenet access password. Check this option if you know your member ID, but do not remember your password. Again, you can also check your confirmation email that was sent at the time of sign-up if you still have it to verify your password as well.

Account Maintenance

  •  I would like to cancel my account

    If you would like to cancel your premium newsgroup access, please select this option.

  •  My unlimited account says I am over quota

    If you are receiving an error stating that your Usenet access has gone over your allocated monthly quota, select this option to contact support to assist in this matter.

  •  I would like to change my plan

    If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your current plan, including SSL and monthly Usenet download quota, select this option and detail the newsgroup plan that you wish to change your account to.

Technical/Server Problems

  •  I get this error: NOD DENIED ERROR 502

    This error usually is reflective on an incorrect username and password or that your monthly download quota has been reached. If you feel that you received this message in error, select this option and detail your problem so that our support team can further assist.

  •  Which ports should I use?

    If you are unsure what ports to use, please reference our Usenet Ports page. If you still do not find a resolve to your issue, select this option to receive information on the ports that are available with your Usenet account.

  •  I can not connect with the correct amount of connections

    Depending on the account you chose when you signed up, it will dictate the number of simultaneous newsgroup connections your account has access to. Please first check with your plan options in your Member Login area. If you find that you are still missing a number of connections, select this item to have our support team resolve this issue for you.

  •  When I try to post an article I get the following message: 440 POSTING NOT ALLOWED

    Any Usenet account that wishes to post on to newsgroups and receives the following error should select this option.

  •  How do I know which nntp server to connect with?

    This information is normally found in your Member Login area. Depending on the Usenet plan that you chose and your location, it will automatically assign the server addresses that are available to you. If you still do not find this information, choose this option to be taken to our Ports page. If the matter does not resolve, use the contact buttons on the bottom to be taken to our support department

  •  I am trying to connect using SSL encryption. Which NNTP addresses and ports do I use?

    This information is also found in your Member Login area. Choosing this option will take you to the Available Ports and NNTP address page. If you still encounter an issue, use the bottom buttons below to contact our Usenet support team.

Paypal Issues

  •  I am a Paypal customer and can not see all groups
  •  Cancel PayPal Subscription

Other Issues

  •  I would like a test account
  •  Other Question/Problem
  •  Report a Speed Issue
  •  How do I change my WorldPay card details?
  •  How do I update/add my credit card details?
  •  Why are headers counting toward my usage quota?