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Q: How fast can I download?

A: This is the most common question we receive and it is impossible to tell every customer the correct answer. The most important thing to know is that Newsdemon DOES NOT in any way limit the speeds of your downloads. As for determining your maximum speed, the first thing that will help us determine how fast you can download is your connection speed. Many people today have either DSL (digital subscriber line) or a Cable Modem connection. These two types of connections are usually measured in Mbit/sec.  A common misconception is that a customer with a 10 Mbit/Sec connection should be capable of downloading files at 10kB/Sec.  To determine your MAXIMUM possible kB/Sec download speed, simply take your connection’s Mbit/Sec and divide by 8 to convert to kB/Sec.  We have emphasized that this would be the best possible connection speed if all of the best conditions of internet transfer were present at the same time.  This very rarely happens

Here is a table with a few examples:

Your Connection
Maximum Allowed Download
1 Mbit/Sec 128 kB/Sec
2 Mbit/Sec 256 kB/Sec
3 Mbit/Sec 384 kB/Sec
5 Mbit/Sec 640 kB/Sec
7 Mbit/Sec 896 kB/Sec
10 Mbit/Sec 1,280 kB/Sec
15 Mbit/Sec 1,920 kB/Sec

***It is important to remember that these are not limitations created by our servers.?These tables merely represent the physical limitations of any internet connection.

Every internet connection has a route and we can map this route through a utility called a reverse traceroute. The data transferred to and from your computer will take a specific route through as many as 25-30 different locations before terminating. If any one of these connections around the world are experiencing any kind of difficulty due to technical issues or heavy traffic, it can slow your connection significantly. If you are experiencing route slowness, you can often disconnect your internet connection and reconnect to change the route. If this does not work and the problem continues to occur, you should contact your ISP and request they attack the issue.

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