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From [email protected] Fri Aug 28 15:36:49 1992 Xref: uunet news.announce.newgroups:2654 news.groups:55888 comp.mail.misc:9581 comp.infosystems:803 alt.hypertext:1777 bit.listserv.cwis-l:1035 bit.listserv.edi-l:304 Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,comp.mail.misc,comp.infosystems,alt.hypertext,bit.listserv.cwis-l,bit.listserv.edi-l Path: uunet!bounce-back From: Edward Vielmetti <[email protected]> Subject: RFD: comp.infosystems.* new groups Message-ID: <[email protected]> Followup-To: news.groups Sender: [email protected] (David C Lawrence) Organization: UUNET Technologies, Inc Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1992 18:08:30 GMT Approved: [email protected] Lines: 37  This is a requst for discussion for several new comp.infosystems groups. A number of alt groups, bit groups, and mailing lists look like they fit in the comp.infosystems hierarchy, and I'd like to move in a batch of them.  the groups:  comp.infosystems.hypertext	- (move alt.hypertext) comp.infosystems.edi		- (move bit.listserv.edi-l) 	EDI is Electronic Data Interchange, an ANSI standard for 	encoding and transmitting data like purchase orders,  	invoices, requests for quotes, and things like that. comp.infosystems.hytelnet	- (gateway mailing list) (moderated) 	The HYTELNET project (led by Peter Scott of U Saskatchewan) 	produces a catalog of systems on the internet which can be 	reached by telnet, such as library catalogs and campus information 	systems.  The data is kept in a hypertext format so that smart 	readers / clients can connect directly to the system in question 	once they've located it.  The group would be for updates and 	additions to the catalog, moderated by the current keeprs of the list. comp.infosystems.cwis		- (move bit.listserv.cwis-l) 	CWIS is "Campus-Wide Information Systems", encompassing systems 	like Yale Enterprise, gopher, Princeton PNN, VTX, and several 	other things used to put information on line for use on campus. 	The mailing list is active and well used, this would simply 	move it to a reasonable place in the news hierarchy and  	increase the propogation somewhat.  It looks like these might be four mega-votes, so I want to hold off until a little bit after the new school year starts before I make an official call.  (The hypertext one may start before that.)  Discussion on the affected mail lists has been generally positive, so the vote is mostly to spread the word a little bit wider out.  thanks,  --Ed  
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