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Date: Sun, 18 Feb 90 14:49:11 EST
From: [email protected] (david carlton)
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Subject: CALL FOR DISCUSSION: comp.lang.functional
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Having neglected to have followed proper procedure before, and having
seen some measure of support for this group, I am now posting an
official call for discussion for the proposed group
comp.lang.functional.  The purpose of the group would be to discuss
functional programming languages and issues related for them.  Such a
group is, I believe, necessary (or at least useful) since there are
currently no newsgroups for functional languages, and hence no groups
suitable for discussion other than perhaps comp.lang.misc, and it
strikes me as a bad thing that such an important (and growing in
importance) class of computer languages are being left out.


David Carlton
[email protected]

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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 90 23:15:13 EST
From: carlton%[email protected] (david carlton)
Subject: Call for votes: comp.lang.functional
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    Here's the official call for votes for comp.lang.functional.  It
will be an unmoderated group for the discussional of functional
programming and functional programming languages.  By 'functional
programming' is meant programming without side effects and in a
context where functions are first class objects.  It isn't necessary
that the language itself be purely functional, so scheme, ml, etc. are
valid topics for discussion; but only the functional aspects of not
purely functional languages should be discussed.

    The voting period will last from March 13 to April 3, inclusive.
Votes should be mailed to [email protected],
husc6!husc4!carlton, and should contain a subject of the form
i vote {YES, NO} for comp.lang.functional as proposed.

    The group will then be created, after a 5 day waiting period, if
100 more YES votes than NO votes are received and if at least 2/3 of
the votes are YES votes.

david carlton
[email protected]
[email protected]