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From: [email protected] (Chris Spell)
Subject: CFV:  comp.sys.hp48 moderated and comp.sys.hp48.d
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Date: 15 Mar 91 04:56:31 GMT
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comp.sys.hp48      (moderated: source, informative postings)
comp.sys.hp48.d    (unmoderated: general discussion)

Charter for comp.sys.hp48:

The purpose of this moderated group is to allow uniform source
postings, informative postings, summaries of interesting threads in
comp.sys.hp48.d, and anything in general that is worth archiving.
Each posting will have a standard rkive(1) header to permit automatic
archiving of the articles posted.  Everything of value from
comp.sys.hp48.d will appear in comp.sys.hp48 in some form; one could
read comp.sys.hp48 alone and be assured of missing nothing of
significance.  This will also eliminate saving all the articles of a
particular thread, as it will ultimately appear condensed in

The moderator will be responsible for posting all articles in timely
fashion.  The moderator will attempt to test all source before
posting, and review such postings as time permits.  Source will be
posted in asc format, uuencoded if necessary, and rpl or assembly when
available. While every effort will be made to ensure submissions
represent functional code, there is, of course, no guarantee of
function or suitability for purpose by the moderator.

The moderator will maintain a frequently asked questions list which
will be posted on a regular basis.  The moderator will attempt to
handle simple questions by mail, except when answers are deemed
sufficiently useful to the group to be included in the digest.  This
should reduce the volume of such questions in comp.sys.hp48.d, and
afford people who might feel uncomfortable about posting a "stupid
question" a measure of flame-retardance.

The position of moderator will be held by Chris Spell until such time
as he wishes to name a successor.

Charter for comp.sys.hp48.d:

This unmoderated group is for general discussions.  Anything
permissible within the rules of net etiquette may be posted here
pertaining to the hp48sx or such systems sufficiently similar as to
warrant the interest of hp48sx users.

Voting period:

The voting will officially start with the appearance of this message
in news.announce.newgroups and end 12:00am EST April 11, 1991.  This
should allow approximately 25 days for the vote to take place.

Voting rules:

All votes must be sent to [email protected].  The subject
line should include:

        I vote YES for comp.sys.hp48[.d]
        I vote NO to comp.sys.hp48[.d]

This account will only be active for the duration of the voting
period; rejection by the mailer should be considered evidence that
your vote was not cast during the voting period.  Votes posted to the
group, mailed to accounts other than [email protected],
telephoned, sent by US mail, fax, or SCUD missile cannot and will not
be counted.  Ambiguous votes will not be counted.

Voters should check the weekly update message to make sure your name
appears as having been counted.  If you do not see your name, please
resend your vote. Votes will not be counted twice.  All votes are
subject to verification.


        Chris Spell, Alonzo Gariepy, Jeff E Mandel

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