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From: [email protected] (Cathy Doser) Newsgroups: rec.arts.marching.drumcorps Subject: Rec.arts.marching.drumcorps NET-IQUETTE Date: 27 Dec 1998 01:15:03 -0800 Message-ID: <[email protected]> Reply-To: [email protected] Summary: Rec.arts.marching.drumcorps NET-IQUETTE Keywords: FAQ, drum and bugle corps, Drum Corps International, netiquette  Archive-name: drumcorps-faq/netiquette Last-modified: 1997/7/12  Rec.arts.marching.drumcorps NET-IQUETTE  A few words first. The following guidelines are of suggested behavior. Following these few simple guidelines will, hopefully, make all of our experiences on r.a.m.d much more enjoyable.  If you don't like these guidelines, fine, don't follow them. If you do like them, thank you for following them.  1. Don't post inappropriate or off-topic questions. Stick to drum corps or other related topics.  Bands have their own area (rec.arts.marching.misc), but a band post may be appropriate on RAMD if it is drum corps related.  2. Don't ask elementary questions that have been answered many times before. The FAQ is now posted twice a month (on the 13th and the 27th).  Please wait to read it before posting, or access the info by doing the following: (excerpt from the FAQ)         The FAQs can be accessed on the web at:                           Historical scores and schedules, starting with the 1995 season, are  available at the sCORPSboard web site ( part of CyberCorps) at:           3. Think twice before flaming anyone on RAMD or acting like a "know-it-all".  Some of us have been here for years. We like your enthusiasm, but would appreciate tempered posts (at least at the start).  4. Don't re-start old debates and threads of conversation that have been dead or gone for months/years unless you really believe that you have something new to bring to the discussion. This might be hard to figure out---but be patient and read a bit before jumping in the stream.  5. Don't post one-line "me-too" responses, get-rich quick schemes, chain letters, or commercial notices. It makes the characters on this board even loonier...and you won't like it when they get loony.  6. Don't post milelong .sigs, long-winded questions, or other prose.  Also, when replying to someone's post, trim their original post as much as possible.  There is no need to repost an entire article when you only are commenting on a small part of it.  7. Don't keep taking rather than giving.  Act like a citizen with rights and responsiblities instead of a client expecting services. We'll help you if we can--- but be polite about it.  Sincerely,  "The Miss Manners of RAMD"  P.S. You'll note that I did not mention censorship or type of language to avoid. That is a personal choice.  Although you open yourself up to 'flames' if you start to libel corps, and/or individuals.  from "The 7 Sins of Newsgroup Newcomers" by David Plotnikoff ([email protected]) posted to RAMD by Christina Mavroudis modified by Michael Fath                  modified & reposted by Caryn Roberts and Cathy Doser, keepers of the r.a.m.d FAQ 
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