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From [email protected] Tue Feb 18 00:39:12 1992 Flags: 000000000201 Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,rec.arts.misc,rec.arts.movies,, From: [email protected] (Elizabeth Lear) Subject: CALL FOR DISCUSSION -- Organization: The World Date: Tue, 27 Mar 90 14:25:00 GMT Keywords: posted  After much deliberation in the Musicals mailing list, I would like to begin the formal discussion for the formation of This unmoderated newsgroup would be for the discussion of all aspects of stage work, including: acting, directing, watching, reviewing, reviving, costuming, technical aspects, staging, production, adapting, recording, and kvetching.  A mailing list primarily devoted to musical theatre has existed for approximately two years, but the volume of the mailing list has grown to the point where it would be much better served as a newsgroup. Some subscribers have been forced to leave the list due to email-overwhelming volume, but have stated that they would gladly participate in a newsgroup where they could choose which discussion threads to follow.  There was internal debate regarding the creation of rec.arts.musicals or, but it was felt that the group would benefit >From the broader base of theatre.    Discussion on the Musicals list also concluded that the international spelling 'theatre' was preferred over the primarily American 'theater' for this proposal.  The mailing list will continue to serve those who cannot read News or who prefer to receive musicals-only articles in a digested/non-digested format.  Follow-ups should be directed only to news.groups, with a discussion period of 14 to 30 days, as needed.  							...eliz --  ----------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the many fine staff members of THE WORLD - public access UNIX 	SUN 4/280   (617)739-WRLD   24 hrs.   300/1200/2400bd *Interested in musical theater? Join us!  [email protected]*   
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